Equipment for Gladiator & Pugilist Revealed!

A scan has leaked from this week's Famitsu that reveals some of the equipment that will be made available to Gladiator and Pugilist.  Square Enix will most likely update the official site tomorrow for foreign fans, but you can read on for a sneak peek!

By the way, another tidbit that has come to light recently is the mysterious "Campaign Code" packaged with copies of Final Fantasy XIII.  It turns out the code will be a "secret in-game item" for Final Fantasy XIV, not a beta as some reported.  In order to obtain this item, players need to purchase and register a copy of Final Fantasy XIV.  If any more details emerge in the magazine, they will be added once the article hits the stands.

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万能剣 - バスタードソード

An all-purpose sword - Bastard Sword


翼剣 - ホークテール

A winged-sword - Hawktail


古代剣 - グラディウス

An ancient blade - Gladius


円楯 - ラウンドシールド

A circular shield - Round Shield


機関楯 - ランタンシールド

A well-engineered shield - Lantern Shield


The descriptions are somewhat unreadable from the preview scans, but they should be up tomorrow on the official site.  Still, there are a couple things we can glean from the picture right now.  It seems like different weapon types within each class will provide different benefits and drawbacks.  The Bastard Sword is described as "all-purpose" and may be a good all-around sword, while the wingtips on the hilt of Hawktail could provide some extra defense or parry skill.

Also, the kanji used for shield 楯 is different from the usual 盾.  While they are generally interchangeable, the one we see in the article impies a smaller, often wood-based shield used for deflecting an attack rather than outright blocking an assault.  The Lantern Shield especially fits the bill, and is described as a "well-engineered shield."  This is because Lantern Shields are designed in a unique way to deflect and/or catch the enemy weapon, as well as provide offensive capabilities.  Another hint that weapon and armor types will have unique traits.




闘爪 - バグナウ

Fighting claws - Baghnahks


骨拳 - ホラ

Bone knuckles - Hora


護拳 - ヒマンテス

Protective knuckles - Himantes


闘拳 - セスタス

Fighting knuckles - Cestus


鉄拳 - メタルナックル

Iron fist - Metal Knuckles

A Puglist looks to be similarly well-equipped with an array of fisticuff-enhancing goods.  Some, like Hora and Metal Knuckles, are simply described by their materials, but Himantes and Cestus may be particularly useful defensive and offensive weapons respectively.

These new weapons and armor pieces may hold a lot of information about the battle system than one might think at first glance.  Hopefully, some of that will illuminated upon in the site update tomorrow!  Speaking of which, any translations made here are literal interpretations in order to examine the equipment and are certainly subject to change once the official ones are released.  See you then!


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thanks! Elmer
# Nov 11 2009 at 11:50 AM Rating: Good
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thanks Elmer!
nice update!

the Gladiator looks like a GM :D
thanks! Elmer
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Looks great! The Armor looks amazing!!
# Nov 11 2009 at 11:40 AM Rating: Decent
Thank you Elmer, your summaries are always great!

The possibility that weapons will affect both a character's offense AND defense is exciting.
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