Hot Thread Thursday

Every Thursday, we pick the hottest topics from our FFXIV forums and highlight them in this segment. Join the discussions! Tell everyone what you think!

This week's Hot Threads:

PL - Power Leveling - your thoughts

In FFXI, Power Leveling other players was possible, but not as effective as it is in a lot of other MMOs. Is this a trend you would like to see repeated in Final Fantasy XIV?

Already left XI?

Are you burned out on Final Fantasy XI but anticipating Final Fantasy XIV? Are you playing a different game to pass the time until it comes out?

The community of FFXIV

Most veteran Final Fantasy XI players will agree that the game's player base makes up a great community. Some will cite that most of the game can only be accoplished by working in groups with the other players. Do you think that Final Fantasy XIV will still have a good community or will the game's relaxed nature lend itself to a more "selfish" player base?


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