FFXIV Japanese Newsletter (Oct. 9th)

What crazy world are we living in where English speakers are now getting updates before the Japanese?  I guess technically they got their hands on the info from the latest Famitsu first, but in case they don't want to part with 370 yen, Japanese fans can now access the fully updated FFXIV Japanese site.

Yes, the Japanese site now has the new music flowing, information on monsters found throughout Eorzea, attackers like Archer and Lancer, new classes under Disciples of the Hand and a lifestyle section on crafting.

One difference in language is that where the English version uses famous quotes from Eorzean history to describe Disciplines, the Japanese version opts for short titles.  Disciples of War exhibit 多彩なスキル (ta-sai na su-ki-ru) "a diverse array of skills."  This is certainly apparent in descriptions for the Lancer, who is given the Japanese title 変幻なストライカー (hen-gen na su-to-ra-i-kaa) "a protean striker," meaning it can attack the enemy through a variety of methods such as utilizing slashing and blunt attacks or tossing a Javelin.  Archers are described to employ a variety of tactics as well, such as sharpshooting and high-angle trick shots.

Disciples of the Hand are labeled with the title 作る、造る、創る!  All three words are pronounced "tsuku-ru" and all roughly mean "to make."  It's akin to a clever alliteration that describes the various roles of different Disciples of the Hand through the different kanji used.  作る is for making things on a more personal level that have no set pattern (e.g. making food).  造る is more like "manufacture" as in larger scale projects that are made from a design (e.g. manufacturing sets of platemail).  Finally, 創る is more like "creation" in that you are making something completely new (e.g. create a new model of crossbow).  Pretty neat how with three simple characters you can describe the ways in which Disciples of the Hand are meant to function in FFXIV.


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Good job
# Oct 09 2009 at 2:44 AM Rating: Decent
I'm guessing because they want to do a world wide release, they are trying to give every1 the same information at around the same time. I wish EU site was update.... v.v

Anyway, good job finding this out ^^
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