Gamescom 2009 FFXIV Roundup

Gamescom 2009 turned out to be a massive source of information about Square Enix's highly anticipated next generation MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, currently set for release some time in 2010. Not only was an alpha demo available for attendees to play, but numerous interviews with Lead Developer Hiromichi Tanaka and Global Online Producer Sage Sundi were provided.

ZAM Interviews Hiromichi Tanaka - Tanaka mentions the ability to have surnames in FFXIV and squashes players hopes of a playable male Miqo'te.
4Gamer Interviews Tanaka & Sundi - Tanaka discusses what they learned from FFXI and goes into more detail about the Guildleve system.
Famitsu Interviews Sage Sundi - Sundi confirms that there will be no regional servers.
Famitsu Interviews Hiromichi Tanaka - Tanaka walks Famitsu through a Guildleve.
One Last Continue talks to Tanaka & Sundi - Tanaka talks about the thought process behind a paid subscription Eorzea.
FFXIV Core Interview with Tanaka - Confirmation that FFXIers still won't be able to jump. Also, no zoning!

Seven new scenery images were released along with six gameplay images from Gamescom. Square Enix also released stunning images of five mobs.

Top row, L-R: An ahriman, a cactuar, a mammet.
Bottom row, L-R: A morbol, an ogre.

Four images of classes were revealed as well as their official names!

L-R: Archer, Marauder, Pugilist, Weaver

Videos of gamplay surfaced, showing gamers around the world their first look at battle in Eorzea.

Famitsu interview with Tanaka killing puks, Part 1 & Part 2 (click here for ZAM translation)
An Elezen Archer chases some dodos. (
A Hyur and Lalafell battle puks. (
The five revealed races display their emotes. (Game Trailers)
A Lalafell runs around. (Game Trailers)

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