Weekly Blog Round-Up

This week's blogs delve into the new information recently made public about Square Enix's new MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV.

New Info from Famitsu Magazine in Japan! by EndlessJourney - A detailed look at the brand new information about FFXIV revealed in the monthly Famitsu magazine, from races and jobs to guildleves and everything in between.

Thoughts on the September 9th Beta Rumors by Calaera - Calaera looks into the rumors about the early XIV beta rumors going around, and attempts to determine when such a beta will likely be seen.

FFXIV Website Elaborates on Gameplay by Keen and Graev - The gaming blog duo reveal their opinions on the Armoury System, Guildleves, and the Aetheryte.

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Races and Places - Limsa Lominsa by Lieven - A comprehensive look at the first of the major City States in Eorzea and what Lieven believes might come from there.

Why do we play? - Character Development by Tobold - Tobold lays out his views on why character progression through stat development is such a driving force for players of MMORPGs.

Fun with Lalafella Customization by Strawberrie - Strawberrie describes the possible customization options we'll see for the Lalafell and the other Eorzean races.

Originality is the art of concealing your sources by Kiasa - A satirical look at potential add and marketing taglines for Square Enix to use for FFXIV.


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