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In this week's issue, Famitsu has printed the reactions to the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV at E3.  The feature is called ゲームユーザーの意見箱 (Gamer Opinion Box), and this week it contains submissions about some of the exciting presentations we saw this year.  Out of their Top 5 news items, Final Fantasy XIV actually ranked #1!  Maybe this will encourage Famitsu to give the poor game a little more attention in the upcoming months.

For those interested, the most talked about news items among fans (other than FFXIV) were the new PSP go, Xbox 360's Project Natal, a new multi-platform Metal Gear Solid entry, and the promise of another Legend of Zelda for the Wii.

All the comments were submitted anonymously, but are listed with the gamer's age and occupation.  One's personal privacy is very important in Japan, so this is a common format for giving one's opinion or recommendation.  You usually will not see signed submissions, and if they are, they are often times signed with pen names or labeled anonymous.

Read on for what these gamers had to say, and click here to discuss this article in the ZAM forums!


  • I was shocked to hear talk of XIV with XIII not even out yet.  Since it's online, I'm curious about the fees.  I hope they show us soon. (Male, 38, company employee)
  • To think they'd unveil XIV, and have it be completely online no less!  I never could have guessed that was coming.  (Male, 28, self-employed)
  • It was certainly the most shocking presentation of this year's E3.  I can't believe they've been developing it this whole time!  (Male, 38, self-employed)
  • I was so certain they'd make "XI-2" but I'm really happy they gave it its own number in the series.  (Male, 31, unemployed)
  • The timing of this announcement really caught me off guard.  I can't wait to see what Square Enix has in store.  (Male, 33, pastry chef)
  • Square Enix has done it again!  They have a long history of producing epic RPGs, and I have high hopes for the future.  (Male, 35, unemployed)
  • I was so addicted to XI, so I'm sure I'll be giving XIV a try.  (Male, 30, part-time worker)
  • I'm looking forward to XIV, but more than that, I'm worried about what is going to happen to XI.  I think it would be nice to have some kind of feedback regarding this.  (Male, 32, company employee)
  • I assumed there wouldn't be another numbered Final Fantasy that was fully online coming out for a while.  (Male 24, part-time worker)
  • I wonder if service for XI is really going to continue?  (Male, 24, student)
  • I kind of missed the boat on the release of XI and never got into it.  I've been waiting for a new online Final Fantasy to come out.  (Male, 27, nursing assistant)



What do you think?  Do your reactions and expectations match any of the submissions?  Feel free to comment or follow the forum link above to discuss your own thoughts.


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