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This topic contains a large list of pre-raid gear that is suitable to start raiding with, epic gear pre-raiding and tips and tricks to help you start raiding. With gear from this list you should be ready to raid Naxx and (re)start your raiding career in World of Warcraft.


  • List is still very incomplete and subject to change.
  • PvP gear isn't optimal and I wouldn't get more then a few pieces.[1]
  • All gear in this list is obtainable pre raid.
  • Gear marked as *H* is from heroic instances.
  • Gear marked with "!!", "bm[2]", "sv[3]" or "mm[4]" is the best (non epic) piece in my opinion.[5]








[1]Crystal-Infused Tunic[2], [3]Karistrasza[4] [5]Dark Artic Chestpiece[6], Leatherworking [7]Drake Rider's Tunic[8], [9]Skadi the Ruthless[10] [11]Intricate Zandalari Tunic[12], [13]Convocation at Zol'Heb (Quest)[14]

  • Enchant: [15]Powerful stats[16] +10 all stats;


[17]Eaglebane Bracers[18], Leatherworking [19]Necromantic Wristguards[20], ??? [21]Raging Construct Bands[22], ??? [23]Swiftarrow Bracers[24], Leatherworking [25]Tornado Cuffs[26], [27]Lonar[28]


[29]Bracers of Unmitigated Larceny[30], ??? [31]Drake-Champion's Bracers[32], ??? [33]King's Square Bracers[34], The Culling of Stratholme normal (zone drop)


[37]Gauntlets of the Plundering Geist[38], ??? [39]Grips of Chronological Events[40], [41]A Royal Escort (Quest)[42] [43]Grips of the Beast God[44], ??? [45]Tear-Linked Gauntlets[46], [47]Svala Sorrowgrave[48]


[49]Bile-Cured Gloves[50], ??? [51]Charged-Bolt Grips[52], ??? [53]Rough Climber's Grips[54], [55]The Reckoning (Quest)[56] [57]Seafoam Gauntlets[58], Leatherworking [59]Sidestepping Handguards[60], [61]Mage-Lord Urom[62]


[67]Belt of Tasseled Lanters[68] [69]Cord of Swirling Winds[70] [71]Giant Ring Belt[72], Sons of Hodir - Honored [73]Girdle of Unerring Flight[74], ??? [75]Ranger's Belt of the Fallen Empire[76], [77]Gal'darah Must Pay (Quest)[78] [79]Waistband of the Thuzadin[80], [81]Salramm the Fleshcrafter[82]


[83]Batrider's Cord[84], ??? [85]Glitterscale Wrap[86], The Oracles - Revered [87]Ley-Whelphide Belt[88], ??? [89]Treasure Seeker's Belt[90], ???


[91]Azure Ringmail Leggings[92], ??? [93]Cannibal's Legguards[94], [95]Slad'ran[96] [97]Hollowed Mandible Legplates[98], ??? [99]Labyrinthine Legguards[100], [101]Containment (Quest)[102] [103]Leather-Braced Chain Leggings[104], [105]Loken[106]


[107]Azure Strappy Pants[108], Frenzyheart Tribe - Revered [109]Constellation Leggings[110], [111]Tribunal Chest[112] [113]Dark Artic Leggings[114], Leatherworking [115]Leggings of Visceral Strikes[116], Leatherworking [117]Ravenous Leggings of the Furbolg[118], ???

enchant: [119]Icescale Leg Armor[120] +75 AP, +22 crit


[121]Boots of the terrestrial Guardian[122], ??? [123]Dragon Slayer's Sabatons[124], [125]Keristraza[126] [127]Dragonstompers[128], Leatherworking [129]Twin-Headed Boots[130], ???


[131]Black Chitinguard Boots[132], Leatherworking [133]Boots of the Whirling Mist[134], ??? [135]Gorloc Muddy Footwraps[136], ??? [137]Jormscale Footpads[138], Leatherworking [139]Rhino Hide Kneeboots[140], [141]One of a Kind (Quest)[142]

enchant: [143]Greater Assault[144] +32Ap; [145]Superior Agility[146] +16 agility; [147]Icewalker[148] +12 hit, +12 crit


[149]Bjarngrim Family Signet[150], [151]General Bjarngrim[152] [153]Mobius Band[154], ??? [155]Palladium Ring[156], Halls of Stone (zone drop) [157]Ring of Foul Mojo[158], [159]For Posterity (Quest)[160] [161]Ring of Scarlet Shadows[162], Jewelcrafting [163]Stained Glass Shard Ring[164], ??? [165]The Prospector's Prize[166], ??? [167]Windfire Band[168], Jewelcrafting


Fragment[/url, ??? [169]Meteorite Whetstone[170], ??? [171]Sphere of Red Dragon's Blood[172], [173]Keristrasza[174] [175]Vestige of Haldor[176], [177]King Ymiron[178]

melee weapon


[179]Fist of the Deity[180] (MH), ??? [181]Unholy Persuader[182] (OH), Knights of the Ebon Blade - Honored [183]Broken Stalactite[184], Sons of Hodir - Revered [185]Crypt Lord's Deft Blade[186], ??? [187]Dagger of Betrayal[188], ??? [189]Fang of Truth[190], Wyrmrest Accord - Honored [191]Librarian's Paper Cutter[192], ??? [193]Lifeblade of Belgaristrasz[194], [195]Drakos the Interrogator[196] [197]Lightblade Rivener[198], Kirin Tor - Honored [199]Meathook's Slicener[200], [201]Meathook[202] [203]Reaper of Dark Souls[204], Knights of the Ebon Blade - Revered [205]Ritualistic Athame[206], [207]Svala Sorrowgrave[208] [209]Stalactite Chopper[210], Sons of Hodir - Revered [211]The Interrogator[212], ??? [213]The Key[214], ??? [215]Traditional Flensing Knife[216], Kalu'ak - Revered [217]Vanguard Soldier's Dagger[218], Alliance Vanguard - Revered / [219]Warsong Shanker[220], Horde Expedition - Revered [221]Ymiron's Blade[222], [223]King Ymiron[224]


[225]Icier Barbed Spear[226], [227]The Champion of Anguish[228] [229]Runeblade of Demonstrable Power[230], Knightts of the Ebon Blade - Revered [231]Whale-Stick Harpoon[232], Kalu'ak - Revered [233]Wyrmclaw Battleaxe[234], [235]Cache of Eregos[236]

Enchant: [237]Massacre[238] (2H) +110Ap; [239]Superior potency[240] (1H) +65Ap; [241]Accuracy[242](1H) +25hit

ranged weapon

[243]Amanitar Skullbow[244], ??? [245]Pierce's Pistol[246], ??? [247]Projectile Activator[248], [249]Loken[250] [251]Titanium Compound Bow[252], ??? [253]Trophy Gatherer[254], ??? [255]Zombie Sweeper Shotgun[256], Argent Crusade - Revered

Enchant: [257]Heartseeker Scope[258], +40 crit; [259]Sun Scope[260], 40 haste.

[261]28 slot [262]Quiver[263]/[264]Ammo Pouch[265], both made by leatherworkers[266]

Small note in between, this is what you end up with statwise if you get all the items I picked as optimal.

Epic Gear outside of raids

  • L* = leather gear, nearly all of these are at the back end of heroics.
BoP Crafted gear is generally good too (because you people keep asking about it)













Melee Weapon

Ranged Weapon

Added Notes

Detailed hunter gemlist

Yellow Sockets:

[267]1.[268] +hit

[269]2.[270] +hit/+agi.


[273]4.[274] +Crit.

[275][276]Red Socket:[277][278] [279]1.[280] +AP.

[281]2.[282] +Agi.

[283][284]Blue Socket:[285][286] [287]1.[288]+Agi/+ Sta.

[289]2.[290]+ Ap/+ Sta.


[293][294]Meta Socket:[295][296]

[297]Gems do not need to match their socket colour.[298] If the socketbonus is not worth it, place either + AP or +Agi gems in the sockets.

[299][300]Super Sites and threads you need to read:[301][302]

[303]TKAsomething forums[304] More advanced math and theory than here, and very helpful to get you from good to great. :)

[305]Elitist Jerks[306] The place where most of the hardcore theorycrafting happens.

[307]Cheeky's Spreadsheet[308] ([309]last page[310] See wich upgrade/rotation gets you the best dps. Thank cheeky for this, on your bare knees. And Thank Shandara for continuing it.

[311]Hunter Consumable List+info[312] Thanks to TKA.

[313]Anyone that comes to a raid with unenchanted gear and without the proper consumables is a slacker, so pay attention to that![314]

'Cookie-Cutter' raid builds

for every hunter, ..k hp ....k mp will be good BM: 5% hit, 0% Haste, ..% crit and ....AP MM: 5% hit, 0% Haste, ..% crit and ....AP SV: 5% hit, 0% Haste, ..% crit and ....AP AP with AotH, focused aim ofcourse counts for 3% hit. Note: these stats are to aim for, they are relatively high and generally high enough for the whole of Naxx10. Dont be afraid to do whatever you can to get there though ;) Also, its better to be over the top a bit on crit and a bit low on AP because raidbuffs give a lot more AP then crit.

Raiding Glyphs


check Petopia for more and detailed information.

In raiding you want top dps from your pet, simply because that is all it can do.

A list of popular (raiding) pets:

Pet Specs

General rules of thumb:

  • If your pet is melee, that means that you should place it where the other melee is.
  • If melee has to run, so does your pet.
  • Your pet is roughly 30% of your damage (40%+ for BM), keeping it alive is worth some mana and time.

Hunter Macro's

To make a macro open chat and type /macro

You will then get a nice box where you can make new macro's, give them a nice picture (the [315]?[316] shows the picture of the ability it will use) and a name.


Any constructive critisism, gear I missed, enchants I missed or other tips/tricks that should be added (or removed) are very welcome so please post them.

Thanks in advance for any help, Aethien

The credits for making this are not just for me, I couldn't have made it anywhere near as complete as it is now without all the people from Allakhazam and TKA that helped.

  1. ^ Same goes for Leather gear as that usually misses out on int and Mp5.
  2. ^ Beastmaster Spec
  3. ^ Survival Spec
  4. ^ Marksman Spec
  5. ^ These pieces are generally the most balanced and I cannot guarantee that combining all of them would give the best combination of pieces.

Wrath of the Lich King

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