Verteron's Warrior (Aion Mission)  


Fight the Lepharist Revolutionaries and the Tursin Krall in Verteron, gain an understanding of their relationship, and go on to heed the great threat the Balaur pose to the Daevas. You must put a stop to the evil plans of the Lepharist Revolutionaries and the Krall, and eliminate the Balaur who seek to invade Elysea through the Abyss Gate. Aid Brigade General Spatalos by completing all the campaign quests in Verteron.


  1. Summons to the Citadel (10)
  2. Danger from Above (10)
  3. Masked Loiterers (10)
  4. Hunting Lepharist Revolutionaries (10)
  5. Odium in the Dukaki Settlement (10)
  6. Frillneck Hunt (10)
  7. Trandila's Eggs (11)
  8. Source of the Pollution (12)
  9. Held Sacred (13)
  10. Mark of Vengeance (13)
  11. Flying Reconnaissance (14)
  12. Krall Desecration (14)
  13. A Nest of Lepharists (15)
  14. Sealing the Abyss Gate (15)

Level: 18

Location: Verteron

Difficulty: 2 stars


When your Mission is complete, go to the Atreian Atlas and use the Claim button to claim your reward. Your items will be mailed to you, in-game, via Shugo Express or normal mail.

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