Theobomos Lepharist Research Center (Aion Zone)  

Theobomos Lepharist Research Center
Theobomos Lepharist Research Center
Type Instanced
Party Group
Sphere Elysea
Level Range 45-50
Cooldown <4 hours
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Map of Theobomos Lepharist Research Center

The Map, to the left, was constructed by pasting together clips of the Minimap from many screenshots throughout the zone. As a result, features such as party locations, targets and mob locations should be considered unreliable and should be ignored.

The picture in the info box, to right, is the door. This is deep in Theobomos Stronghold. Access to this zone is granted during the quest Project Drakanhammer.

This zone is commonly referred to as "Theo Labs".

Patch 1.9 increased the drop rates for the boss monsters in this zone.

Lepharist Research Center Entrance

There are three locked doors in this room, and an opening to the left to the Researchers' Lounge. You're first key will be the Ice Corridor Key (PW/AA), which you need to get from Queen Arachna in the Lounge.

Theobomos Lab Enterior

There is an archway to the north, leading to the Researchers' Lounge. The door on the south is to the Ice Corridor. Either of the two doors on the dais to the east can be opened with the Fire Key and both lead to the same place, the north-south corridor between the Central Control room and the central room of the Rotating Elemental Extraction Rooms.

Lepharist Research Center

This is the Place Name for all of the areas of the Research Center that are not specifically named.

Researchers' Lounge

Boss: Queen Arachna {5-dot Sheluk, Ice Corridor Key key holder)

Ice Corridor

Boss: Frozen Harint {5-dot Ice Petrahulk, Fire Key key holder)

Go down the hall and to the right. Then clear the archway. There is a patrolling mob to the left that moves very erratically in a small circle. Watch him, then go in and right to avoid him. The Blobbles will split to form 1-dot adds during the fight. Just AE them down, stay on the "parent" and kill the adds afterwards.

The third Blobble can be avoided by running forward and right into the doorway of the Elemental Fire Extraction room.

Elemental Fire Extraction

Boss: Torch Spirit Iptrita {5-dot Fire Spirit, Research Center Key key holder)

Central Control

Boss: Cracked Nuhas {5-dot Mugolem, holds one of: Wind Key (PW/AA), Water Key, or Earth Key (PW/AA))

Rotating Elemental Extraction Rooms

Each time that you defeat the Mugolem, Cracked Nuhas, in the Control Room you will get a key. It will be one of Water, Wind, or Earth. The chamber north of the Control Room has two corridors leading out of it and a door in the east. The corridors and door will have Elemental Spirits. The type of those spirits will tell you which hall/door is which. On the first run I made the north room was Earth and the South was Wind, and we had the Wind Key. The second run the north was Water and the south was Earth, and we had the Water Key. You will notice that the map labels these rooms as Earth and Wind, based on my first run, but all three will be present.

Elemental Wind Extraction

Boss: Wistful Syripne {5-dot Wind Spirit, Syripne's Key key holder)

Elemental Water Extraction

Boss: Test Water Spirit Undine {5-dot Water Spirit, Undine's Key key holder)

Elemental Earth Extraction

Boss: Golem Spirit Nomura {5-dot Earth Spirit, Earth Key key holder)

Elemental Core Genesis

Boss: Silikor of Memory {5-dot Wind Spirit, Silikor's Key key holder)

Elemental Core Storage Room

We hope you remember your Mad Mario Skillz(tm), because if all six of you can make it across the moving blocks without getting knocked into the sewer you can cut about an hour off this zone. However, if even one of you falls you must all jump down into the Waste Treatment Facility as there is no way back up but through.

Waste Treatment Facility

Secret Research Center Vault

Waste Elevator

Boss: Naughty Pocaching {5-dot Phat Thing)

Naughty Pocaching is blocking the Elevator door with his enormous bulk.

Library of Theobomos

Boss: Beautiful Galateia {5-dot Maidengolem)

On the left side of the room, on the desk, you will find the book you need for Project Drakanhammer. There is a second book, on the table on the east side of Beautiful Galateia, labeled Faded Book. This will give you Research Center Document which will start the quest A Decisive Clue when you are at least Level 49.

Elemental Core Testing Room

Zone Boss: Unstable Triroan {5-dot Hero Elemental)

To enter this room you must have completed Project Drakanhammer. If this is your first time and you are here for that quest, you will need to call out to Sanctum, talk to Nestor at Library of the Sages, and then return. The easiest way to do this is to make sure you have a Kisk outside the labs, use a Sanctum Scroll,talk to Nestor and then throw yourself off the Sky Canal )Aion Place) so that you revive at the Kisk, then re-enter the zone. Make sure at least one person can stay behind to keep the instance open!

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