The Lone Cottage (Aion Place)  

The Lone Cottage
The Lone Cottage
LocationBeluslan / Mahisha's Nest ( 1290.5, 305.9, 344.6  )
ConnectionsMahisha's Nest, Giant's Valley
Flight?Gliding only.
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To find this Place in-game, use /where The Lone Cottage

In-game paste-able link: (will appear in game chat windows as [The Lone Cottage])


The only way to get here is through Giant's Valley, then up to the heights and across a broken bridge to this ledge high above Mahisha's Nest.

During the day a Runaway Lepharist named Freki is here.

At sunset a Talking Ribbit named Hild appears and stays till midnight. It seems he was once Human and wants your help, but you do not know how to help him.

At midnight Vigbir appears, a crazy old hermit who goes on and on about a vision he had that the Thirteenth Empyrean Lord would come to this cottage at exactly Midnight, but he does not know what day the vision showed him.

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