Teleportation (Aion)  

There are several different types of transportation in Aion, with more to come as Mounts are added, but the fastest method of covering vast distances is Teleportation.

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return (PW) will Teleport you to your bind point. This cannot be used on constructions, su ch as a ship or the arms of a dock. It requires solid earth beneath your feet to properly align the Aetheric energies to the location of your Obelisk. For this purpose, the rock of a floating island, such as the Outer Dock in Sanctum, is sufficient.


Each of the faction zone fortresses, and the home cities, has a scroll with special Teleportation energies bound into the paper of the scroll by an Alchemist. This energy is attuned to the Aetheric signature of a single place such that anyone can read the trigger word of the scroll to release the bound energy, instantly Teleporting the reader to the aligned Fortress. The magics contained are attuned in such a way that they are not operable by anyone not of the race attuned to the scroll so, should one fall into enemy hands, it would not be usable by them.

Illusion Gate

Sorcerer's can summon an Illusion Gate (PW) that can teleport any member of their group who uses it to their home city. The Illusion Gate's are, however, one-way.


Some skills, such as the Spiritmaster's Summon Group Member (PW), can summon a member of the group, or Alliance, to the caster. There are limitations, though. Summon cannot be used inside an Abyss Fortress, and although the Spiritmaster can just step outside where it does work, the enemy may have something to say about it.

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