September 23, 2010 Update Notes (FFXIV)  

A version update of FINAL FANTASY XIV was performed at the following time.

  • Starting the “FINAL FANTASY XIV” client after the version update will cause the software to update automatically.


Important Update Details

  • An issue wherein objects such as doors could not be displayed properly has been addressed.

  • An issue where action bars could not be switched under certain conditions has been addressed.

  • An issue whereby the “Sleep” effect caused by sheep monsters' “lullaby” would not wear off when supposed to has been addressed.

  • An issue that caused the remains of Doblyn monsters to persist even after being defeated has been addressed.

  • An issue where the text “(Your character's name) was defeated by (your character's name)” was displayed when defeated by damage over time effects has been addressed.

  • An error caused when selecting clear while trying to mark an NPC has been addressed.

  • The time of effect for the crafting ability “Preserve” was incorrect, and has been addressed.

  • The craft level and necessary crystals for certain fishing hooks were incorrect, and have been fixed.

  • A measure to prevent servers crashing under certain conditions has been implemented.

  • Other minor issues have also been addressed.
Final Fantasy XIV

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