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Rare Manastone
Type Manastone

The name of the stone describes what it does when bound to a weapon or piece of armor. Double-click or right-click to activate, and then select the item to bind the manastone to.

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We are not going to make separate pages for every Manastone in the game, just two. One for normal and one for Superior. A list of all available Manastones, along with information specific to that stone, can be found on the Normal Manastone page.

The following quests reward Superior Manastones.

LevelRaceZoneQuest NameRewards
14ElyosVerteronVillage Seal FoundChoose: [Manastone] HP +55 (PW/AA), [Manastone] MP +55 (PW/AA), [Manastone] Physical Critical Hit +9 (PW/AA), [Manastone] Magic Boost +19 (PW/AA)
23UniversalMorheimStrange MushroomsChoose: [Manastone] HP +55 (PW/AA), [Manastone] MP +55 (PW/AA)
31ElyosVerteronMabangtah's Second TestChoose: [Manastone] Attack +4, [Manastone] Magic Boost +21, [Manastone] Physical Critical Hit +11 (PW/AA), [Manastone] Accuracy +21 (PW/AA)
39ElyosEltnenOperation WindmillChoose: [Manastone] HP +75 , [Manastone] MP +75, [Manastone] Attack +4 , [Manastone] Magic Boost +21, [Manastone] Physical Critical Hit +13

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