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Platinum Coin
Type Coin
Exists in both Elyos- and Asmodian-only versions
Available for Level 55 or higher

A reward given for accomplishing a particularly difficult assignment.

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Coins are rewarded from repeatable Coin Quests. They can be exchanged for rewards from Administration Officers (see the table, below).

LevelCoinRaceZonesQuestsMobsAdministration Officers
15 center
Elyos Verteron Dampening Spirits (18) Anontrite (Combat), Laskis (Magic)
Asmodian Altgard Mutated Spirits (18) Mist Spirit, Bladestorm Spirit, Splash Spirit Lateni (Combat), Lohaban (Magic)
25 center
Elyos Eltnen, Reshanta Safety of the Fortress (21), Sataloca's Heartbeat (26), The Interfering Embers (29) Ancient Caryatid Ferenna and Sandinas (Combat), Atro and Metea (Magic)
Asmodian Morheim, Reshanta Foes of the Fortress (21), Nip Spriggs in the Bud (24), Clearing the Way (27) Fulla (Combat), Skataon (Magic)
35 center
Elyos Eltnen, Heiron, Reshanta Desert Dangers (31), Ettin Jerky (32), Kerubs in Kuriullu (35), Deathsong Corruption (37), Dousing the Flame Tribe (38), Taking Out the Trash (40) Sandinas, Agrips, Achelos Lomulias and Makidna (Combat); Metea, Anobi, Melpomene Serdy and Magnus (Magic)
Asmodian Morheim, Beluslan, Reshanta [Daily/Coin] Putting the Past to Rest (30), Beluslan Pest Hunt, [Daily/Coin] Protecting Tripeed (34), [Daily/Coin] Combat Miners (37) (PW/AA), [Daily/Coin] Confirmation in Dreams (38), [Daily/Coin] Eliminating the Flame Tribe (38), [Daily/Coin] Thinning the Ranks (38)
45 center
Elyos Heiron, Reshanta [Daily/Coin] Termination Klaws (39), [Daily/Coin] The Aggressive Undead (40), [Daily/Coin] Eradicating Undead (43), [Daily/Coin] Reducing Balaur Numbers (44) (PW/AA) Makidna, Euripia (Combat), Magnus, Tolemos (Magic)
Asmodian Beluslan, Reshanta [Daily/Coin] Klaw of the Nebula of Blood (39) (PW/AA), [Daily/Coin] Ghosts of Anair Harbor (41), [Daily/Coin] Nagrants of Bakarma (44) (PW/AA)
55 center
Elyos Theobomos, Reshanta [Daily/Coin] Obstacle to Cultivation (47), [Daily/Coin] Calydon Eradication (48), [Daily/Coin] Theobomos Stronghold Excavation (49) Teminon Coin Fountain At Observatory Village: Euterpe (Scout), Eunomia (Warrior), Guneus (Mage), Charites (Priest)
Asmodian Brusthonin, Reshanta [Daily/Coin] Purification of Soul (46) (PW/AA), [Daily/Coin] For the Future Settlers (48) (PW/AA), [Daily/Coin] Mopping up the Brohum (49) (PW/AA) Teminon Coin Fountain At Baltasar Hill Village: Huvat (Scout), Nagel (Warrior), Bern (Mage), Rumolt (Priest)
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For Elyos: The repeatable quest [Daily/Coin] Obstacle to Cultivation will, in addition to the single Platinum Coin it tells you that you will get, give you an Angel Eye (PW/AA). If you give this to Nagrunerk at Jamanok Inn in Theobomos, along with some additional Kinah, he will give you from zero to six Platinum Coins and XP.

  • 1,000 Kinah : Platinum Coin (?) and ? XP.
  • 5,000 Kinah : Platinum Coin (?) and ? XP.
  • 25,000 Kinah : Platinum Coin (5) and 3,000 XP.

There are four Class Administration Officers at Baltasar Hill Village in Brusthonin, and at Observatory Village in Theobomos to reward Fabled and Heroic armor and weapons for Platinum Coin service.

  • Heroic Armor: Platinum Coins (200)
  • Heroic Weapon: Platinum Coins (400)
  • Fabled Armor: Platinum Coins (1000)
  • Fabled Weapon: Platinum Coins (2000)

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