October 22, 2010 Version Update Notes (FFXIV)  

A FINAL FANTASY XIV version update was performed at the below time.

  • The software client will begin updating automatically the next time FINAL FANTASY XIV is launched.

Update Details

- Actions resulting in the acquisition of an item will be cancelled should the player already be in possession of the maximum number of that item.

- Repair NPCs will be displayed first for ease of targeting.

- Drop rates for certain items obtained from enemies have been adjusted.

- The effect of the Conjurer's trait "Fastcast" has been adjusted to increase casting speed by 20% rather than 10%.

- An issue wherein the FINAL FANTASY XIV client shut down while trading with a retainer has been addressed.

- An issue wherein enemy names were not properly displayed has been addressed.

- An issue wherein use of the Lancer trait "Fleet of Foot" yielded no effect has been addressed.

- An issue wherein players could not progress in the quest "A Piece of History" has been addressed.

Final Fantasy XIV

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