Nagrunerk (Aion Mob)  

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Zone(s):Related Places:In the camp below the Inn.
  560.2, 1225, 89.5
Related Quests:
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Nagrunerk <Bounty Hunter>
lvl 43     
Disciplined, Normal, Guard, Male Shugo, Non-social, Non-aggressive
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Race: Shugo (Male)
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To find this Mob in-game, use /where Nagrunerk

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This mob is non-social, meaning that if you attack a mob near this mob, whether of the same race/type or not, it will not come to the aid of your target.

Nagrunerk has many Platinum Coin Work Orders to fill, and needs Angel's Eye (PW/AA)s to fill them! If you bring him an Angel's Eye, and 1,000 Kinah , 5,000 Kinah , or 25,000 Kinah , he will give you from 0 to 7 Platinum Coins!

Angel's Eye (PW/AA)s come from various quests, such as [Daily/Coin] Obstacle to Cultivation.

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