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Type Material Item

All flux are used by artisans in the crafting of other items.

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There are 4 types of flux: Accessory Flux (White), Armor Flux (Blue), Weapon Flux (Red) and Construction Flux (Yellow), and 4 grades: Normal (PW/AA), Worthy (PW/AA), Expert (PW/AA), and Master (PW/AA). Higher grade flux is required to craft higher quality gear, at all levels.

Superb, Premium, Worthy Superb and Worthy Premium fluxes can be made by using the Morph Substances skill and recipes bought from Varna, an Abyss Fortress Quartermaster at Kysis Fortress.

Patch 1.9 introduced Flux Merchants: Abydus (PW/AA) in Sanctum and Edita (PW/AA) in Pandaemonium. The supplies of these Fluxes are limited. Construction Flux is not available from Flux Merchants.

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