Kisk (Aion Item)  

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Appearance of Kisk when used.
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Type Game

It enables you to set up a bind point at a location of your choosing. Lasts for 2 hours and allows the registration of up to 6 group members for a Group Kisk or 24 Alliance members for an Alliance Kisk.

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It also has a maximum number of uses (revivals) of 18 for Group Kisk and 72 for an Alliance Kisk. Some kisks are camouflaged to make them harder to see in different environments.

Kisks purchased in Elysea (E) can only be used by Elyos, and Kisks bought in Asmodae (A) can only be used by Asmodians.

See also: Legion Kisk (PW/AA)

Kisks by Size and Race
ElyosAsmodianNotesApprox. Price
(E) Group Kisk(A) Group KiskOriginal appearance34,250 Kinah
(E) Tundra Group Kisk(A) Tundra Group KiskWhite to blend into snow.68,500 Kinah
(E) Marine Group Kisk(A) Marine Group KiskBlue to blend into water.68,500 Kinah
(E) Sandy Group Kisk(A) Sandy Group KiskGolden to blend into sand.68,500 Kinah
(E) Fiery Group Kisk(A) Fiery Group KiskRed to blend into lava.68,500 Kinah
(E) Steppe Group Kisk(A) Steppe Group KiskGreen to blend into open plains.68,500 Kinah
(E) Alliance Kisk(A) Alliance KiskOriginal appearance102,750 Kinah
(E) Tundra Alliance Kisk(A) Tundra Alliance KiskWhite to blend into snow.205,500 Kinah
(E) Marine Alliance Kisk(A) Marine Alliance KiskBlue to blend into water.205,500 Kinah
(E) Sandy Alliance Kisk(A) Sandy Alliance KiskGolden to blend into sand.205,500 Kinah
(E) Fiery Alliance Kisk(A) Fiery Alliance KiskRed to blend into lava.205,500 Kinah
(E) Steppe Alliance Kisk(A) Steppe Alliance KiskGreen to blend into open plains.205,500 Kinah

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