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Remember that the wiki does not care about case when referring to a page or template name, so although the following shows the names properly cased the wiki does not care if you use proper case, all lower case, or even all upper case when calling a template!

If Bludwyng has missed any, they should all be in Category:Global Templates

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Generic Wikibase Templates

  • AdminNeeded - Used to call the attention of an Admin to the page, usually to address a conflict or to update database links.
  • Back One - Displays a small, simple link to the page that logically precedes the current page.
  • DBError - A more specific template to draw an admins attention to a Wikibase page that needs a correction to the database.
  • Merge - Tags pages that need to be merged with another page.
  • Stub - Marks the page as a Stub in need of some loving!
  • OoC - Out of Character. Use this for notes that reference real-world things that relate to the in-game information. This can be the title of a movie or song that a quest name is a reference to, or links to Wikipedia for notes on real-world mythology for things such as Dragons or Unicorns.
  • Trivia - You might use this to link an EQ2 page to the EQ1 lore it came from.
  • Typo - Use this to note something that is misspelled in game, to show that we KNOW it is misspelled but we have to keep it this way.
  • Note - Use this to note something that is interesting or useful and needs to stand out, but does not fit one of our other categories.
  • DevQuote - This is for direct quotes from a game dev that are relevant to the subject. An excellent example is Filling the Bottomless Belly.
  • Wikify - put this on a page if you don't know how to fully wikify it, so that a more knowledgeable editor will come along and clean up your information.
  • BigThumb - Displays a thumbnail image but with total control over size, position, and caption (Default:250px, right, no caption), and with a link to view fullsize.
  • WIP - Work-in-Progress. Use this to display a box at the top of a page you are working on, asking other editors to refrain from making changes until you are done.
  • Clear - Clears all page formatting to that point. Can be used to force a break between one section and another, making the pieces start lining up again. Very helpful when images start stacking on each other. You can also specify left or right to clear formatting only for those page elements that have been floated to the left or right.
  • Unverified - Displays a red ? graphic and lets users know that the preceding statement is unverified in-game.
  • Sandbox - Displays a gametag with link to a user's sandbox category. Useful for pages that do NOT belong in a main namespace (yet)
  • Gender - Displays an inline blue Male or pink Female icon
  • Icon - Displays the first image attached to the page and adds categories
  • DispIcon - Works with images using Icon
  • Beg4Pic - Displays a specific image attached to the current page, if there is one, or begs for a user to upload one.
  • PlayerTag - Help for every player to display a nice little right-floaty tag on your User: page. Identifies your Game, Main Character, Server, and Guild.

Game Tags

A few examples of Game Tag templates for tagging a non-db page with appropriate game categories so that the search engine will know what game(s) they belong to.

A complete list of all Game Tag templates can be see at Category:Game Tag Templates.

Global Quest Templates

  • LangReq - Displays a message that this quest requires a given language to start or complete.
  • series - Navigation Bar for a quest series. Provides links to the previous and next quests in a series, and to the Quest Series page.
  • NavBar - Called by series to display the actual box, provided here in case you need to create a navigation bar that is not a quest series, or is for a game that does not have DB namespaces.

Global Mob Templates

  • See Invis - Use this to mark a mob that can see through Invisibility or Stealth, or both.
  • RaceLink - Displays (inline) a race name with extra features dependent on the gameid.


  • Raid - Right-floated info box with basic stats about a raid. Can be used on a Zone or Quest page, or a standalone page.
  • Instanced - Very similar to Raid, this displays zone level, intended party size, and info about any lockout timers.
  • MobTitle - This just displays the single parameter in bold text and inside <>'s for use on mob pages to display the title under the mob's name.
  • Beta - Displays a right-float box explaining that the information on this page was gathered during Beta and should not be considered authoritative until confirmed in the Live game.


These are not really intended to be used by page authors, but more for template designers. Still, we will list many of them here. Much more about these tools will be contained in the yet to be written Template Designers Guide

  • GameID - Returns normalized forms of the gameid, game name, or game domain prefix when given any of the several possible codes some users might use. This has been replaced by the #gameid function, which behaves exactly as the original. The template still works, but just calls the function. See Wiki Documentation for #gameid.
  • AorAn - will return "a" or "an" depending on whether a string starts with a vowel or not. Can also capitalize the return value.
  • RelList - Handles (list) and (comma list) formatted fields. Calls ListParse.
  • ListParse - Called by RelList as part of the (comma list) processing, can also be used on it's own. Calls ListParseLine to do each line with the correct linking for the gameid and type.


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