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Runes of Magic

Q: What is Runes of Magic?

A: Imagine that World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI had a kid... the kid would be Runes of Magic. He is still a little young and not full grown, but he has daddy's ease of play and his mother's eyes.

Runes of Magic is a Free-to-Play game. You can purchase Diamonds to buy some extra goodies and fun stuff in game, but you do not HAVE to spend cash to play. Frogster is quite proud of saying that it is possible to play Runes of Magic from level 1 to 55/55 without ever spending a penny. Personally, it would be an interesting experiment but almost no one actually tries to do it.

Q: How do I download and install Runes of Magic?

A: Runes of Magic can be downloaded directly from the official website at Installation instructions are on the download page.

Q: What is a Primary/Secondary Class?

A: Runes of Magic has a dual-class system. This has many advantages. For one, RoM has no need for a couple dozen Classes as most common MMO Classes are just hybrids of two or more basic classes. For instance, EverQuest II's Shadowknight is a Warrior and a Necromancer, while a Necromancer is just an Evil Mage specializing in Death Magic. RoM's Dual-Class System allows you to combine any two classes to create a character with the best abilities of each, such as a Knight/Priest for a Tank that can heal himself! All of this is discussed in much greater detail at RoM Classes.

Q: What are Daily Quests?

A: Daily Quests are repeatable quests that help you grind through any part of the leveling arc that may be a little thinner on regular quests. There is a limit (10 a day), and a way to reset that limit so you can do another 10, and another 10, etc. For more information, see Daily Quests.

Q: What is a Channel?

A: The short answer is that a Channel is an exact copy of the zone you are in. Players in other Channels cannot be seen but they can still be heard in Zone Chat. This is done to improve load balancing and Server performance. For the longer answer, see Channel.

Q: What do the Ailic's Portals do? What is Snoop?

A: The first question is easily answered. The Ailic's Community Transport Portals (commonly called Snoop Portals) are a method of traveling instantly to other places across Taborea. The catch is that you cannot go to a portal you have not unlocked by physically talking to the Snoop there, and all portals do not provide passage to all other portals. It is a Network. Oh, and a fee is charged which varies from a little to a lot. For a complete table of all know Portal locations, where they can go to and how much they cost, see Ailic's Community Transport Portal.

The second question is almost impossible to answer, as no one has ever seen "one of those dog-things" outside of Ailic's Community. To make matters worse, they all use the same name. We have been assured that they have individual names, but that the names are not reproducible in the range of Human hearing. (Have you ever heard a dog talk? No? Well, there ya go.)

Q: What is the Arcane Transmutor?

A: The Transmutor allows the manipulation of Runes and Rune stats. It can strip the stats from an item and store it in a Mana Stone, attach Rune stats from a Mana Stone to a new piece of equipment, or combine multiple Runes to make new Runes or upgrade to a Rune of a higher tier. For full information, see Arcane Transmutor.

Q: What is the Item Aggregator?

A: The Item Aggregator can combine two items into one, taking the appearance from one and the stats from the other. To open the Aggregator you need a Standard Aggregator or Advanced Aggregator, both of which can be purchased in the Item Shop.

Q: How do I find a mob or object in this game?

A: There are actually several ways to get to the same place. The first is using "Follow" directly in the Quest Log. If the text is in blue like [This] then you can right-click it and select Follow. This does two things. It adds an arrow on your heads-up display that appears to float in front of your body. The arrow can even slant up or down to indicate that your target is above or below you. Also, it adds the target to the Follow list on the World Search screen. Hit BACKSPACE to open this window. Now, if you click on a name in the lower right a red flag will appear on the map showing you where your destination is! The color of the name in the Follow List matches the color of the floating arrow head and you can be following multiple destinations at the same time (at least up to five: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue).

Not every mob and object in the game is "Follow"-able. Some are intentionally obscured. You are meant to have to search for them. If we know where it is the page for that quest, mob or object may have the x,y coordinates as displayed under the minimap. It is hard but you can use this to guide yourself in the right direction. x grows larger from west to east, and y grows larger from north to south. Also if you press "M" to open the zone map and mouseover the map you will see an x,y pair displayed showing where your mouse is so you can use this like a Ouija Board to pin the general location of your target.

Q: What is dura, subdura and overdura?

A: Common /world-chat slang, it refers to an items Durability. Normal Durability is 80 but some items have over 100. These are called "overdura". Overdura is important because these items give a 20% bonus to all Rune values on the item so long as the Durability remains above 80. A few items have less than 80, referred to as subdura.

Q: What is a puri?

A: Common /world-chat slang, it refers to a Purified Fusion Stone. Bound items cannot be sold and most classes cannot use all items. A Purified Fusion Stone can be used to store the stats of an item (destroying the item) so the stats can be transferred to another item using the Arcane Transmutor. So when someone offers in chat to sell an item "on puri" what they are actually offering is a Mana Stone (Ggl) made from the item using a Purified Fusion Stone.

Q: I want to help! How do I start a new page?

One way is to edit the URL to create a blank page. Spaces and underscores are synonymous to the wiki and spaces are converted to underscores by the system.

Another is to add a link on an existing page that links to a page we do not have, then just follow the redlink.

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