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EverQuest: Lucy

How do I set up Lucy?

Options info:

  • User name - Set the user name to what you want to show up on the "Submitted by" for any new/updated items you collect. Leave it at unknown if you'd prefer to remain anonymous. (This is not used for profiles, only item submissions)
  • Mode - WinPcap or Memory-Reading. WinPcap is the preferred mode. Use Memory-Reading if it doesn't work for you (Dialup, some DSL under Win2k/XP).
  • Network interface - (WinPcap only) Select the network device to sniff on. If your network traffic all goes over a regular network card, chose it from the list, and you shouldn't have any problems. If your having trouble, let us know.
  • Start when launched - Choose if you want the collection engine to start automatically when you launch the collector (if not, simply go to the collection menu and hit start).
  • Save profiles - If enabled, your character's inventory, skills, abilities, and other stats are saved to -.html in the directory you chose.
  • Quiet mode - this turns off the output of item stats to the collector window, for items you've seen before. They're still collected and uploaded, but you don't see a display of every item that passes by. Turn this on to save a little memory and processor time, and cut down on the text spam in the window.
  • Profile support - This will enable profile support. Uploading and exporting to file can be done from the profile manager window (File->Profiles). With this, you can upload your character data to the server. Your character profiles should then show up under the 'Your Characters' link on this site. (Premium feature)
  • Test server - Use this only if you play on test. Due to the frequent updates test receives, this may not always work, but we'll try to keep it synchronized.
Advanced options:
  • Promiscuous mode - (WinPcap only) You should use this if you wish to collect items from a computer other then the one that EQ is running on, and both computers are on an unswitched network where the computer running the collector can view EQ's traffic. (If you don't know what this means, it probably isn't useful to you, so leave it turned off)

I can collect information but my profile is not updated

  • Double-check that 'Uploading profiles' is there, and that 'Upload Profiles' is checked.
  • Next, check the text for possible error messages, such as: "Warning: Not uploading profile, no cookie found.", which means you need to re-log into the site. Unchecking and re-checking 'Upload profiles' will ensure that your cookie exists, as well.
  • Ensure that 'Test Server' is only checked if you play on test, otherwise it just wont work.
  • If you see "Server returned an error on profile upload.", then this is a genuine problem. Try zoning again with item collector running to see if there's any change. If not, let us know here.

You can find the Lucy Info/download page here and the Lucy FAQ here

EverQuest II: Lucy2

You can find the Lucy2 wiki here.

Warhammer: WARReader

You can find the WARReader wiki here.

World of Warcraft: WoWReader

We no longer support WoWReader, but with our database merger with Wowhead, you only need to use one collector, the Wowhead client.

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