Fewyn's Alliance Guide to Northrend  

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Welcome to Fewyn's Alliance Guide to Northrend. In this guide you'll find one of my personal favorite routes through all the quests to help you get to level 80 and along the way gain the achievements for the zones you quested in. This guide assumes you hit level 70 in Outland before stepping foot in Northrend.

The Guide

  1. Howling Fjord
    • By the end of this section you should be close to 72.
  • Borean Tundra
      • Yes go do the other starting zone, best xp this way and it's easier than going straight into Dragonblight.
      • You should be close to 74 by the end of this zone.
    • Dragonblight
        • By following this you should be half way through 75 if not close to 76.
      • Grizzly Hills
          • Now you should be real close to 77 if so I suggest grinding out the rest if you can before going any further.
        • Sholazar Basin
            • A flying mount really helps here so being 77 by now is great if not it's just more traveling and more killing.
            • By the end of here you should be half way through 78 or actually 79.
          • The Storm Peaks
              • If you ran instances while leveling (Only a few maybe 3 or 4) you should hit 80 half way through the zone.
              • If not you should hit 80 torwards the end.

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