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Artist: LovelyDagger
Inspiration: LovelyDagger is hoping to see male Mithras and a Gria race in Final Fantasy XIV.
Website: LovelyDagger's DeviantArt
Artist: Laifierr
Inspiration: Laifierr was drawn to the boat scene in the E3 trailer.
Website: Laifierr's DeviantArt
Artist: Shawnzy
Inspiration: Four hours of work went into this drawing of Shawnzy's character, Shippuu, riding on one of the flying towers.
Website: Shawnzy's DeviantArt
Artist: Creative-Theory
Inspiration: Hoping that FFXIV will be prettier and more amazing than FFXI, Creative Theory drew the male in the trailer.
Website: Creative-Theory's DeviantArt
Artist: Mari-Bear
Inspiration: Mari was among the many fans to notice what looks like a Gria in the concept art.
Website: Mari-Bear's DeviantArt
Artist: Mari-Bear
Inspiration: Still hoping to see Gria is a playable race, Mari draws another, this time in color!
Website: Mari-Bear's DeviantArt
Artist: ~Shiyu-chan
Inspiration: Not initially impressed by the look of the Lalafell, they eventually began to grow on Shiyu-chan.
Website: Shiyu-chan's DeviantArt
Artist: ~Shiyu-chan
Inspiration: Shiyu-chan is considering playing a Moonkeeper if she doesn't play a Hyur.
Website: Shiyu-chan's DeviantArt

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