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World of Warcraft

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"What is the best race/class?"

The races and classes in the game are well balanced.
If you make a post asking "What is the best race?" or "What is the best class?". be prepared for flames. There is no uber-class/race. Visit the class forums and read the stickies there. Do your homework instead of asking others to do it for you. In the end, class/race is an individual choice. Pick one you think you will enjoy playing and try it out. In fact, pick several and try them all out. One account can have 50 characters, up to 10 characters on a server, and on a Normal server, you can have both Horde and Alliance (but only one or the other on a PvP server). You should also look over idiggory's Post Beginner's Info.

A better question would be: "what player is most wanted?"

  • The player that has learned to play the class.
  • The player that has built a reputation of being reliable (The player shows up on time and doesn't leave in the middle).
  • The player has built a reputation of being dependable (The player doesn't go off on his own).
  • The player has built a reputation of being helpful (there are plenty of things you can do to enhance the group effort besides adding damage/healing/tanking).

Class doesn't matter as long as you are good at what you do.

"What is the best class for PvP?"

First of all, you have to realize that "PvP" covers many different ways of playing the game. You can be on a PvP server, you can participate in Battlegrounds, you can be part of an Arena Team or you might be participating in "real-world PvP", where the objective is to attack the opposing faction's towns or cities in order to either grief them or draw out opposing higher level enemy players. The term "PvP" covers all of them, although the objectives are different for each type.

After looking over many, many threads on the subject, the consensus seems to center around rogues as the best PvP class. Rogues have many advantages. Stealth, that incessantly annoying stun-lock and high DPS seem to be the reasons that rogues are favored. Warlocks come in a close second due to the massive dots, dps, pets and fear spells.

"What is the best class for leveling?"

After looking over many, many threads on the subject, the consensus seems to center around Hunter as being the best class for fast leveling. High DPS, coupled with a pet that can tank seem to be the main reasons behind this.

"What are the best classes for duoing?"

Almost any two classes can get together and duo successfully. By spreading damage across 2 people, there is less downtime. Almost every combination has been put forth as "best", but it's really just another choice. Choose classes that both of you are comfortable with. However, you really need to choose your race carefully if you choose to play within the Horde faction. If you decide to play on the Horde side, any mix of Orc, Troll, Blood Elf, and Undead is fine, but if one person chooses Tauren, so should the other, because it's a long and (occasionally) difficult trip to/from the Tauren starting area from/to the starting area of the other Horde races until you get the flight points at Thunderbluff, Camp Taurajo and The Crossroads.

"What are the server types?"

  • PvE - Player vs. Environment. This is also called "Normal" by Blizz. You can never be attacked by other players if you don't want to unless you go into a battleground or the opposing faction's capitol city. If you want to be attacked, you can set your "PvP flag" to on via command or by attacking an NPC of the opposing faction. On a PvE server, you can have characters of both factions ( Horde and Alliance).
  • PvP - Player vs. Player. PvP is the equivalent of PvE in the "newbie" zones. When you leave those zones, you get into "contested areas", and your PvP flag is automatically set to on. With the PvP flag on, players of the opposing faction can attack you whenever they want to. Blizzard has set some specific rules for PvP. On a PvP server, all characters have to be the same faction (Horde or Alliance).
  • RP - Role Playing. There are PvE and PvP roleplaying servers. In essence, they are the same as the ones outlined above. The difference is that you are required to stay "in character". Blizz has set some specific rules for players on an RP realm.

Making Gold

"Can someone tell me how to make gold?"
Read the sticky on the Trade Skills forum. WonderousTremor has created an excellent Guide on the topic: Making Money in WoW - Some suggestions.


"I'm on a PvP server and I got ganked!"
It's what you signed up for. Ganking and camping are not against the rules, even if they piss you off. Read the official PvP Policy. If this is a problem for you, maybe you might want to create a new character on a PvE server instead.

Blizz does have a paid character transfer service. If ganking and corpse camping really bother you that much, move your toon to a PvE server. It will cost you $25, so make certain that you feel that moving off is the right decision. You can change servers from Blizz's Account Management page. You might want to read the Character Transfer F.A.Q. before you swap servers.

Master Looting

Can you tell me how to be a good master looter?
Sure. There is a thread on the subject. ML Etiquette 101


There are lots of acronyms used in the game. What do they all mean?
Jordster created a guide to the acronyms. World of Warcraft Acronym and Shortform List. If you like full explanations of terms, you can look them up in the Allakhazam wikibase.


I see coordinates show up on some posts. How do I get coordinates to display in my game?
The stock game does not display map coordinates. You need to use an add-on in order to display them. Many different coordinate addons can be found at curse-gaming:

Additionally many full-blown interfaces like Titan Panel, have the feature built in.

from SoiFon and xNocturnalSunx (among others):
Tagteam Tomtom and lightheaded. Clicky coords that show up on your map.

or, you can create a macro: From SquigglyLine:

Create a macro using this script (just copy & paste it):
/script px,py=GetPlayerMapPosition("player")
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(format("[ %s ] %i , %i",GetZoneText(),px*100,py*100));

You click on the macro and it will give you your coordinates in the chat pane. Now you can use all those quest tips where they only give you coordinates for the mob/item you are looking for.

"I'd like to find a guild on my server."

Unless you are looking for an Allakhazam guild, you'll probably find one faster by posting on your realm forum. Or, you can see what guilds are recruiting on the Official Guild recruitment forum. If you play on European servers, the links are EU Realm Forums and EU Guild Recruitment Forum, respectively. The Allakhazam guilds are on Anatheron (U.S) - The Fifth Star (Alliance), and on Chromaggus (EU) - Read the FAQ (Horde).


"I'd like to find a guide for add-ons. What are some good ones?"
A Guide for Addons, by webbstock. The guide also contains a good list of add-ons and add-on sites.

Levelling Quickly

"Can you tell me how to level to 70 as fast as possible?"
Use Allakhazam:
Per Dadanox!

To level fast, use Allakhazam to the fullest. You can look up quests and find user comments on the quest, as well as maps. You can look up quests by level, to see the areas you should be trying out. Questing is the way to go as a lower level. As you get higher, you can do some appropriately leveled dungeons, and do some grinding to keep things interesting. Since you will be soon traveling to towns, ask the guards where the profession trainers are. Pick up mining or herbalism, and add to that skinning. Learn where the auction house is to sell the mats you gather. That way you will always have a some spare cash for training or a few goodies. You can always drop a profession and move into another later if you like. Lastly, always stop at an inn or town before logging off. You will see zzz in your picture border, showing that you are resting. This way you will gain double xp next time you play, because you will be rested.

Additionally, there are levelling guides for both Horde and Alliance found here as well:

Vyodar has created a thread with some excellent suggestions for leveling as fast as possible: How to: Get to 70

Leveling guides:

For Horde:

For Alliance:

Why are you in such a hurry?

A.) Sure, you have friends at higher levels, but attempting to catch up to them means that you'll miss a lot of fun along the way. Not only that, but if they use the same leveling guide you decide upon, you'll never catch up to them.
B.) Sure, you want to get to end-game content. But that's not all that's in the game. Getting there is half the fun.
C.) Sure, you want to get to level 70 so you can melt the faces of opponents 30 or more levels below you. That just means that you need another outlet for your aggressions. Have you ever thought of pulling the wings off flies as a hobby?
D.) Sure, you want to get there so you can say "ZOMG!! I 1 teh game!". Well, Bucko, I hate to break it to you, but you don't "win" when you hit the cap. There is no end to the game. Blizzard has been very good about opening new content for high levels and there is nothing out there that says they'll stop.

Deleted Toons

"I deleted my toon. What do I need to do to get it back?"
Log in and use an alt character on the same realm (create one, if you have to), and start up a GM ticket. A GM can restore your deleted toon in a timely fashion. If you removed his equipment prior to deletion, don't count on getting it back.

"Is there a Macro Guide?"

Why, yes there is! RPZip has created an excellent one for us here on Allakhazam. Go to this link for all the new macro information.[1]

In-Game Rules

"Are there any rules on how to behave when I'm playing?"
Funny you should ask. Until recently, the rules were unwritten. Shamibell (after a good deal of research) placed them into a post. Read, enjoy, and follow these guidelines: The unwritten (until now) rules of Warcraft.

Level Questing

"Where should I quest/grind at my level?"
Use the Zones by Level Table to determine what zone you should be in.

Section III: Technical Stuff

WoW On A New PC

"I'm getting a new computer. Will I be able to play WoW on it?"

Running On My System

"Will WoW run on my current computer (I have 256M RAM)?"
The least expensive computer upgrade is more RAM. Do yourself a favor and get a gig or more. You'll find that lag is reduced considerably, and that there is less wear and tear on your hard drive.

Section IV: Blizzard stuff

Giving A Free Trial

What do I need to do to give a friend a free trial version of WoW?

  1. read the "Recruit-a-friend" FAQ
  2. Go to the "Recruit-a-friend" login screen.
  3. Log in using your account name and password, and follow the directions given by Blizz.
  4. E-mail your friend with the location to download the trial: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/downloads/wowclient-download.html, and the account key that Blizz provided when you submitted the friend.

Preventing A Ban

What do I need to do to keep from being banned from the game?
First of all, you have to realize that there are things that Blizz considers unacceptable.

  • Sharing accounts with anyone other than a minor child where you are the parent or guardian. This includes sharing with a third-party power-leveling service, or trading accounts with others.
  • RMT of any sort.
  • Unacceptable behavior (foul language, racist/sexist remarks, etc.)
  • Use of cheats, hacks, bots, and data mining.[2]
  • Botting. On November 15, 2006, Blizzard banned over 10,000 accounts for using a third-party program to automate game play.
Blizz has published a guide: How to Stay in The Game. As long as you follow the suggestions there, you shouldn't get into trouble.

Power Levelling

Will your account get banned if caught power leveling?
If, by "power leveling", you mean getting a service to level your toon, the answer is yes. When you give your account information to anyone else (and that includes anyone you pay to level a character), you are compromising your account. Compromising your account is against the Terms of use. See #2, above.

Trial Limitations

If I get a trial account, will I be able to do everything?
The following restrictions are placed on all trial accounts:

  • A level cap of 20.
  • A maximum of 10 gold.
  • Trade skills are capped at 100 ranks.
  • Inability to trade via the auction house, mailbox, or player-to-player.
  • In-game chat channels will be unavailable.
  • Characters will be unable to create or join existing guilds.
  • Accounts will no longer be able to whisper other players unless they have been added to those players' friends lists or have received a whisper from them first.
  • Characters will not be able to invite players into a party.
  • Characters will not be able to join parties with other players above level 20.
  • Voice Chat is disabled on trial accounts.
  • Realms with login queues will give priority to customers with retail accounts.
  • Will not be eligible for any Character Transfer service.
  • RealID features are disabled on trial accounts.
These restrictions are only in place during the trial period. Players who decide to upgrade their accounts will be able to continue adventuring with the same characters and take full advantage of all features included in the retail version of the game.

Someone's Using A Bot

I suspect someone of using a Bot program. What should I do?
In Blizzard's own words:
...Many account closures come as the direct result of tips reported to our GMs in game or emailed to our Hacks Team by legitimate World of Warcraft players. If you suspect that a World of Warcraft player is using an illegal third-party program to farm gold or items, or is otherwise violating our Terms of Use, please report the suspected infraction via one of the means listed above. All reports will be investigated, and those that prove false will not result in corrective action...

TBC Upgrade

Can I upgrade to The Burning Crusade online?
Source: www.worldofwarcraft.com

...You can now buy account-upgrade keys and download the game client for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade directly through the account-management section of www.worldofwarcraft.com. The direct online upgrade method is the most convenient way to upgrade to The Burning Crusade and join the millions of players who are already adventuring beyond the Dark Portal...

All you need to do is:

  1. Login to Account Management.
  2. Click The Burning Crusade "Download Now" button.
  3. Enter your credit card information.
  4. Follow the link to download The Burning Crusade game client.


  1. ^ Thanks to Krylanna
  2. ^ Add-ons from places like MMOInterface and Curse are generally classified as ok.

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