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All weapons and armor can be Enhanced unless the tooltip says "cannot be enhanced". This adds Rank (+1 to +14) to the item which adds various stats in addition to the basic stats. Depending on the item this can be additional HP and MP or other stats such as paralyze, stun or crit (or resists).

It is important to enhance equipment, even if you do not intend to use it, before using the Extractor. Extraction results improve significantly if all four items placed within are at least +7 and increase exponentially above +7.

Enhance Item
Enhance Item
To enhance an item you will need to talk to a blacksmith (such as Korin in Carderock Pass). Go to (Trade) -> (Enhance) to open the Enhance Item box. Now right-click on the item you want to improve. Under the spiked circle you will see a row of five slots that will display any Enhancement Materials you need to fuel the enhancement, and a slot with a spiked circle and an up-arrow. Mouseover this icon to see what the item will gain when enhanced.

Under this you will see information about Item Protection Jellies that can be used, and the fee.

If you have everything, press Enhance and confirm that you understand the risks. A box with a progress bar will now appear. When done one of four results will be reported:

  • Success - You have enhanced the item.
  • Failure - You failed to enhance the item.
  • Failure - You failed to enhance the item and lost a Rank (only above +8)
  • Destruction - You have failed and the item you were enhancing has been destroyed (only above +6).
Regardless of the result the enhancement materials will be consumed. The percentage chance of failure is lower the lower the Rarity of the item and the greater the difference between the level of the item and the level of the player, so a level 24 player enhancing a level 15 Normal item is almost a guarantee to at least +8.

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Enhancement Materials

  • Normal or Magic Equipment - No materials needed for +1 to +8.
  • Rare Equipment - Onyx or Diamond Lustres needed for all Ranks.
  • Epic Equipment - Lustres needed depends on the class of the item. Additional materials may be needed depending on Level and Rank.

Protection Jellies

After Rank 6 you risk destroying the item you are trying to enhance unless you use Item Protection Jellies. Protection Jelly can be purchased in the Dragon Vault. The number of Jellies required increases as the Rarity, Level and Rank of the item increases. Even if protected you will still lose the enhancement materials and can still lose an item Rank.


Geodes are special enhancement materials that can be used to enhance an item. The tooltip on the geode will tell you what Item Type, Rarity, Level and Rank are required to use the geode. Geodes have no chance of failure and can be purchased from blacksmiths for Comet Dusts or Sun Powders, but are also fairly common from using the Extractor. Additionally, they can be used to upgrade items in the field without a blacksmith so if you have the right Geode when you get that drop you have been waiting for, you can instantly upgrade it without needing to return to town.

This presents a marvelous way to save Lustres for the lower ranks for Rare items, but we fail to see the purpose of +3 to +6 Magic geodes as those ranks are free, do not consume Lustres, and have no chance of destruction. Probably best to not bother storing Magic geodes of less than +6.

The description on the tooltip makes it sound like a Level 24 Geode works only on level 24 and above items, but this is inconsistent and almost certainly unintentional. Although they all say "or higher", it should be "or lower" and actually works that way with most Geodes. Occasionally you will find a Geode that refuses to work that way, though. This should be considered a bug. Just shrug, say "Open Beta" three times under your breath, and move on. Also, some descriptions say they item must already be a certain rank, but this is clearly false as the "required rank" is always one less than the rank target of the Geode.

Just like a spark, Geodes work on anything lower than their stated target. So, a +5 Level 24 Hair Vortex Geode will work on any Normal or Magic Headgear item of level 24 or below and advance it directly to +5 with no chance of failure. It cannot be applied to an item that is already +5 or better.

NOTE: Geodes all stack to 10 BUT they have to be exactly identical to do it.

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