Elyos Daevanion Armor (Aion)  

Daevanion Armor is armor composed of hardened Aether and is among the most beautiful of the available armors. The first set can be acquired by characters at Level 30, but only one piece can be quested by a given character. Some instance bosses are reported to drop them, also, so you might get lucky and get more that way.

Elysean Daevanion Quest Series (Level 30)

  1. A Meeting with a Sage - Introduction
  2. A Sage's Teachings - Armor
  3. A Sage's Gift - Weapon

The way to build your set is to get multiple toons to level 30, each getting a piece, then transfer them to one character. There is an NPC in each City by the High Priest that can change any piece of Daevanion into any other!

There is also an upgrade, achievable at level 50, called Miragent. This requires a full set of the level 30 Daevanion, plus weapon, I think.

Daevanion, and Miragent, armor has a totally different appearance on female toons from the male versions.

For Asmodians, see Asmodian Daevanion Armor.

There are many holes in the tables, below. If you have a full set, or at least chest and legs, of a missing armor set, please take a screenshot and email it to bludwyng@allakhazam.com

Contents [hide]

Daevanion, Elyos Male

Wise ClothFlash LeatherMercy ChainCourage Plate

Daevanion, Elyos Female

Wise ClothFlash LeatherMercy ChainCourage Plate

Miragent, Elyos Male

Miragent ClothMiragent LeatherMiragent ChainMiragent Plate

Miragent, Elyos Female

Miragent ClothMiragent LeatherMiragent ChainMiragent Plate

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