Druid Epic Flight Form Walkthrough (WoW)  

Morthis Whisperwing

For both Alliance and Horde, the Druid questline for Epic Flight Form starts in the same place. Loganaar in Moonglade will ask you to seek out Morthis Whisperwing in the Cenarion Refuge of Zangarmarsh. You need to have your level 300 riding skill before going to Moonglade to talk to Loganaar.

Morthis Whisperwing will offer you The Ward of Wakening, which consists of gathering three seperate items.

  • 10 Bogblossoms
  • 10 Ancient Lichen
  • 10 Dreaming Glory
If you are not an Herbalist, Ancient Lichen and Dreaming Glory can be purchased from the Auction House. Bogblossoms grow on top of the large Mushrooms throughout all of Zangarmarsh. If you are Herbalist, Bogblossoms will show on your Minimap as resource nodes. Regardless, they are easily found and harvested like any type of quest collectable. On occassion, they will produce a heavy knockback affect that will often times throw you off the Mushroom and negate the harvest. It is advisable to be ready to shift into Flight Form when this happens to avoid heavy damage and/or death. The effect graphic is similar to the Counterspell animation and makes a distinct sound.

Once you have gathered all the required items for Morthis, he will offer you the quest Waking the Sleeper where you are tasked with using the Ward of Wakening to wake Clintar Dreamwalker from the Emerald Dream and speak with him. Clintar is located in one of the Stormrage Barrow Dens near the southeast corner of Lake Elune'ara in Moonglade. The easiest way to identify the correct Barrow Den is to look for two Tauren Dreamwardens outside the entrance.

You can speak with Clintar once he is awakened and he will offer you the quest No Mere Dream in which you are tasked with protecting his Spirit while he gathers the Relics of Aviana which are spread throughout the Den. This is a standard Escort quest, and as such you must assure Clintar's Spirit remains alive throughout it's entirety. The quest is fairly easy as the mobs in the area are not particularly tough to handle. Simply make sure he stays alive until you've finished the escort. At the end he will approach Dreamwarden Lurosa in the hallway leading into the Den and inform them that he's entrusted you with the Relics he's gathered, who will then instruct you to Return to Morthis Whisperwing.

Morthis will then task you with To The Evergrove where you will be asked to speak with Arthorn Windsong. Evergrove is in Blade's Edge Mountains, east of the northern road that leads to Netherstorm.

Arthorn will offer The Book of the Raven which tasks you with taking the Seer's Stone (provided) and farming an Aether Ray Eye from the Ogri'la area of Blade's Edge Mountains. Once you gather your Aether Ray Eye, you can use the Seer's Stone to reveal hidden ghosts throughout that plateau area. You should then locate Sai'kkal the Elder roaming the area just outside Ogri'la. He is not specifically marked, so it may take a bit to locate him. He does patrol near the Ogre oasis that constitutes the Ogri'la daily quest hub area. Sai'kkal will provide information that will update your quest as completed, and you are then to return to Arthorn in Evergrove.

Arthorn will then offer Eyes in the Sky where you are asked to find Watcher Elaira on Twilight Ridge in Nagrand. This is a fairly simple task, as the portion of Twilight Ridge where you can find Elaira is due west of Forge Camp Hate, just up on a cliff ledge near a hut.

Watcher Elaira will offer the quest To Catch A Sparrowhawk. It's a fairly short, simple quest that tasks you to use the provided Sparrowhawk Net to catch one of the Sparrowhawks that fly around that ledge area of Twilight Ridge. They are marked and colored Hostile, however these birds will not attack you if you get in range of them rather they will attempt to fly away from you. This is that only trick to the quest, is getting close enough to use the net without causing the bird to rush away, and ultimately out of range. It may take a few tries, but should take not longer than a minute or two. Try getting into cat form and using prowl. Target a bird. Click net. Once you've caught a bird, you are to return to Elaira who will then offer you The Raven Stones.

With this quest, you are tasked to use the Cenarion Sparrowhawk Whistle to call for the aid of a Cenarion Sparrowhawk to help you gather 8 Raven Stones in the Skettis area of Terokkar Forest. It seems for the most part, that the Raven Stones are mainly found in the southeast area of Skettis. Head to the higher area of Skettis in th southeast corner. You will need to use the Whistle numerous times, as the Cenarion Sparrowhawk only comes down to reveal one Raven Stone at a time. The Raven Stones will appear after the Cenarion Sparrowhawk locates one and flies to it. They only stay spawned for a short period of time (approx. 2-3 minutes) so make sure you quickly dispatch any surrounding hostile mobs quickly or even CC them with Entangling Roots to ensure you do not miss the opportunity to gather the Raven Stone. Repeat this in numerous random locations until you've gathered your 8 Raven Stones. After gather all the stones, return to Arthorn at Evergrove.

Arthorn will then off you The Eagle's Essence. This is the first of 3 quests where you must fight a single Owl-like effigy and dispatch a mini-boss for each. The first is found in the hills to the south of Lake Jorune and west of Stonebreaker Hold, up in the mountainous area around this location. Be advised, should you die during this fight attempt, you will need to Spirit Resurrect and take the 25% durability loss & Resurrection Sickness in order to return to that location. There is no path other than flying to lead up to the effigy. This first mini-boss suggests you to use your Bear Form to defeat him. Once you summon him, he will do a short channeling ritual and then attack. Once engaged, he almost immediately begins spawning small sparrowhawk birds which swarm you rather quickly. The key to this fight is to constantly use Demoralizing Roar as the birds can spawn rather quickly and begin to add up a lot of damage that is hard to heal through. Demoralizing Roar will lower the birds damage tremendously, thus making the fight rather easy. The only other severe obstacle is watching out for his Starfire cast, which can do upwards to 5k damage. If you see him casting this, be sure to use Bash to stop the spellcast. Once you've killed the mini-boss, Do not leave Terokkar Forest! To get the next quest, simply use the Whistle provide by Arthorn to call forth a Sparrowhawk NPC that you will hand in the current quest and receive the next, The Falcon's Essence.

The Falcon effigy mini-boss is located near the northern portion of Skettis, between the Skyguard daily quest hub and the Allerian Stronghold on a small lake/pond area down the falls from the Skyguard quest hub. This is most likely the hardest of the three, and suggests you use your Cat Form to defeat him. This fight may take a few tries, however you do not have to worry about dying since you can spirit run back down the falls if you're careful to drop in the correct spots back to the effigy to resurrect. During the fight he will constantly Hex you, and cast a mix of Shadow Bolts and a special cast called Twisting Nether that has a nasty knockback effect. If you take too long, the Hex debuff will magnify the shadow damage you take, making it very hard to survive. The easiest way to defeat him is fight in Cat Form, using Maim to stun him for as many casts as you can. The Hex will still be on you (instant cast), but if you're not taking Shadow Damage you will survive fairly easily. Be ready to Cyclone if needed, if your Maim cooldown is not up it can work wonders to stop a rogue spellcast from nipping you in the butt. Once you've defeated him, repeat the use o fthe Whistle to call forth the Sparrowhawk NPC to hand in your current Essence and receive the next quest, The Hawk's Essence.

The Hawk effigy mini-boss is located on a large floating island in the southeast corner of the Auchindoun wasteland area. You can identify the floating island by the mobs similar to blue Tall-Striders birds roaming around the island. The effigy is towards the center of the island, very close to the southeast foot of a large rising thin mountain in the center. You will have to clear one or two of the Tall-Strider birds to clear the area, as you will need to move around a bit for this fight. This mini-boss is weak to your Nature spellcasts such as Moonfire, Wrath, and Starfire. You will also need to utilize Entangling Roots to keep him immobilized and Abolish Poison to remove the Viper Sting debuff. Once he's summoned, get some distance and prepare to Root him. Immediately buff yourself with Abolish Poison and make sure you keep that up throughout the fight. Keep him at a distance and use your choice of spell arsenal to take him down. He's not terribly difficult to defeat if you rinse and repeat this method. Once you've defeated him, you need to return to Arthorn in Evergrove with this final Essence and you will receive Charm of Swift Flight for you efforts up to this point.

Arthorn will then offer you Return to Cenarion Refuge where you are to return to Morthis Whisperwing with Arthorn's package. Morthis will now offer you the quest Chasing the Moonstone...which requires you to return to Azshara in Azeroth. You are tasked with finding the Southfury Moonstone. Fly to Talrendis Point and head North up the east side of the River that divides Azshara and Ashenvale. Continue north until you are nearly heading directly up the mountain face that borders Winterspring and you will eventually find a small flat with a Alter-like table and the Southfury Moonstone. When you go to take it, an event will occur at the end of your gathering where you will be briefly sapped by a Goblin who will steal the Moonstone and hop into the River. Some people suggest using a PvP trinket (great if you have it) or Elixir that offers immunity to movement impairing effects prior to gathering the stone to avoid the sap stun. It really isn't that big of a deal, and it's not worth the wasted gold to purchase such an elixir. Just hop into the River after the Goblin and use Aquatic Form. Stay underwater and follow her, hugging the right side of the river to avoid as many of her AoE Freezing Bombs as you can. If you do get caught in one, simply shapeshift out and back into Aquatic Form and continue. Eventually you will catch up with her, she will stop and you will be able to speak with her. Engage in the dialogue and she will fork over the Moonstone. Return to Morthis at this point to receive the last quest in this chain.

Once you turn in the Moonstone, Morthis will offer the quest Vanquish the Raven God which requires running Sethekk Halls on Heroic mode and summoning Anzu the Raven God in the next-to-last room of the instance.

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