December 15, 2010 Version Update Notes (FFXIV)  

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-Players can reselect their Path Companion at any point in the main scenario. A selection prompt can be accessed by speaking to the Lalafell NPC Tataru in Ul'dah's Merchant Ward.

-New guildleves have been added.

''Battlecraft Leves (regional)

Faction Leves (regional)''

-New types of treasure chests that appear during levequests have been added. A chest's type determines the quality of its contents.

-New items have been added as possible regional levequest rewards.

-The graphic effects representing regional levequest destinations have been adjusted to be more visible.

-The following adjustments have been made to local guildleves. Local guildleves can now be abandoned. Players with the maximum of 8 guildleves wishing to undertake another may freely select the guildleve they wish to abandon.

Abandoned guildleves are treated in the same manner as failed guildleves, and cannot be reacquired until the next reset.

-The NPC Rowena, to whom Allagan runestones can be exchanged for gear, has set up shop in the Ul'dah Merchant Strip [1].


-Notorious monsters have been added.

The strength and toughness of an NM will increase exponentially should they be engaged for longer than 30 minutes. This change is accompanied by a log message stating, "[2] becomes enraged!"

-The cactuar ability Thousand Needles now deals damage in proportion to the number of party members hit.

-Enemy distribution has been adjusted near specific gathering points.

-Dying two times in succession while under the effect of Weakened will temporarily prevent the activation of active mode. Active mode may be used again once the player is no longer weakened.

-An "Impossible to gauge" icon has been added to the icons representing an enemy's toughness.


-New items have been added.

-The class required to repair an item is now displayed on the item details screen.

-The name of the item stat Wear has been changed to Condition. The value of the Condition stat is now displayed in percent format.

-Certain pieces of gear for Disciples of War and Magic below rank 20 can now be purchased.

-New synthesis recipes have been added.

-Certain synthesis recipes have been changed.

-A Recipes option has been added to the synthesis interface. This option displays the last 8 recipes a player has crafted, as well as the last 8 recipes learned via levequests. Selecting a recipe will automatically prepare the required materials.

When a player possesses varying qualities of a single material, the lowest quality item will be used first.

-Repair materials are now automatically prepared when an item is selected for repairs.

When a player possesses varying qualities of a single material, the lowest quality item will be used first.

-The loot dropped by the following enemies has been changed. Miteling, Molting Miteling, Diremite, Dwarf Diremite, Banemite, Dwarf Banemite, Needletail, Widowmaker


-Players may now employ up to two retainers simultaneously.

Each PC on an account is now alloted two free retainers rather than one.

Players may be unable to employ new retainers in-game during periods of heavy congestion. Should this happen, please try again later.

-The response time of the retainer exchange interface has been improved.

-The naming and organization of market locations has undergone the following changes.

Name1 (Limsa Lominsa) Tax-reduced Item Types
Tinkerers Ward Sundries, Beastcoins
Battlecraft Ward Gladiator's Arms, Pugilist's Arms, Marauder's Arms, Lancer's Arms, Archer's Arms, Shields, Arrows, Throwing Blades, Throwing Stones, Throwing Circles, Throwing Axes, Throwing Spears
Spellcraft Ward Conjurer's Arms, Two-Handed Conjurer's Arms, Thaumaturge's Arms, Two-Handed Thaumaturge's Arms
Fieldcraft Ward Carpenter's Primary Tools, Carpenter's Secondary Tools, Blacksmith's Primary Tools, Blacksmith's Secondary Tools, Armorer's Primary Tools, Armorer's Secondary, Tools, Goldsmith's Primary Tools, Goldsmith's Secondary Tools, Leatherworker's Primary Tools, Leatherworker's Secondary Tools, Weaver's Primary Tools, Weaver's Secondary Tools, Alchemist's Primary Tools, Alchemist's Secondary Tools, Culinarian's Primary Tools, Culinarian's Secondary Tools
Tradescraft Ward Miner's Primary Tools, Miner's Secondary Tools, Botanist's Primary Tools, Botanist's Secondary Tools, Fisher's Primary Tools, Fisher's Secondary Tools
Armorfitters Ward Helms, Full Plate, War Garb, Gauntlets, Greaves
Lower Tailors Ward2 Hats, Headwear, Masks, Undershirts, Attire, Hooded Attire, Undergarments, Pants, Gloves, Armbands, Shoes, Sandals, Belts, Sashes
Middle Tailors Ward3 Hats, Headwear, Masks, Undershirts, Attire, Hooded Attire, Undergarments, Pants, Gloves, Armbands, Shoes, Sandals, Belts, Sashes
Upper Tailors Ward4 Hats, Headwear, Masks, Undershirts, Attire, Hooded Attire, Undergarments, Pants, Gloves, Armbands, Shoes, Sandals, Belts, Sashes
Jewelers Ward Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings, Crowns, Eyewear
Grocers Ward Meat Dishes, Egg Dishes, Grain Dishes, Vegetable Dishes, Mushroom Dishes, Sweets, Drinks, Seafood Dishes, Soups & Stews, Eggs, Dairy Products, Vegetables, Grains, Spices, Fruits, Mushrooms, Seasonings, Foodstuffs, Freshwater Fare, Saltwater Fare, Meats
Chirurgeons Ward Potions, Remedies, Ethers, Toxins, Panaceas, Reagents, Dyes, Paints, Oils
Ironmongers WardMetals, Unrefined Metals, Metal Sheets, Metal Wires, Weapon Parts, Weapon Heads, Weapon Butts, Weapon Grips, Arrowheads, Shafts, Hooks, Chainmail Meshes, Armor Metals, Clasps
Woodcutters Ward Raw Wood, Lumber, Planks
Tanners Ward Hides, Leathers, Furs, Armor Hides, Armor Leathers, Footwear Parts,Bones, Teeth & Claws, Wings, Armor5
Masons Ward Ores, Stones, Gemstones
Clothiers Ward Fibers, Cloth, Hooded Attire Cloth, Cloth Bodies, Smallclothes Cloth, Cloth Sleeves, Front Cloth, Back Cloth, Armor Cloth, Feathers, Fletchings, Armor Parts
Crystaliers Ward Crystals
Menders Ward -

''1 The names of the above locations vary slightly between nations. Known as wards in Limsa Lominsa, they are rows in Ul'dah, and dens in Gridania.

2 This section of the market ward specializes in gear with an optimal rank between 1 and 20.

3 This section of the market ward specializes in gear with an optimal rank between 21 and 40.

4 This section of the market ward specializes in gear with an optimal rank between 41 and above.

5 The Armor item category will be changed to Scutes & Scales in the next version update later this month. ''

-The Condition stat of items is now displayed on the primary item detail screen. Item icons now change in both the inventory list and Gear screen when items become damaged.

-Using the Seek Repairs option now toggles a specific icon next to the player's display name.

Players simultaneously seeking repairs and running a bazaar will have both icons displayed.

-The position of the gathering and synthesis interfaces has been changed.

-The area of effect widget for spells can now be moved freely about the screen.

New positions will automatically be saved.

-Status effects are now displayed with a timer indicating their remaining duration.

-The number of characters allowed in the chat prompt has been increased.

-Ctrl+T can be used to bring up a /tell prompt addressed to the last person to whom a /tell was sent. This command can be repeated to scroll through the last 20 such players.

Bug Fixes

-An issue wherein the help text for the conjurer ability Fastcast erroneously described the increase in cast speed as 10% has been addressed.

The correct increase is 20%.

-An issue wherein the thaumaturge ability Firm Conviction would take effect when not being cast has been addressed.

-An issue wherein an incorrect amount of HP was being absorbed when attacking with an HP absorb status in conjuction with a multi-attack action has been addressed.

-An issue where the /tell chat mode could not be properly activated using the chat log button located above the text prompt has been addressed.

Activating the /tell chat mode using this button will set the last recipient of a /tell as the default addressee.

-An issue wherein the "/tell " text command was not functioning properly has been addressed.

-An issue wherein the background music for certain levequests would not play has been addressed.

-An issue wherein setting the following traits resulted in certain class-specific actions becoming available for use with other classes has been addressed.

  • Pugilist: Seasoned Veteran
  • Gladiator: Swordsmanship
  • Marauder: Axemanship
  • Lancer: Pikemanship
  • Archer: Bowmanship
  • Conjurer: One With Nature
  • Thaumaturge: Transcendence

-An issue wherein controlling the game camera with the keyboard resulted in limited vertical mobility has been addressed.

Known Issues

-After receiving access to synthesis facilities from certain NPCs, the status information is not displayed in the synthesis interface.

-The motion and effects of area of effect attacks executed by enemies are not displayed when there are no valid targets within range.

-Using the keyboard to execute a castable action while already in the process of executing another action causes the former's name to be displayed in the log. '' The resulting effect will be that of the original action.''

-Stackable items being sold in a retainer's bazaar may still appear in the bazaar list after they have been purchased. '' Removing the improperly displayed item from the bazaar may cause the game to crash.''

-The aetheryte situated in Camp Bentbranch may not display properly when Shadow Detail (located under General » Video Settings in FINAL FANTASY XIV Config) is set to either Lowest or Highest.

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