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All of the quests listed on this page have the same Minimum Starting Level requirement, but some may have other requirements, such as a pre-requisite quest.

If the minimum level of a quest is unknown it is listed in the category for the level of the quest.

So, you just reached Level 20. This means that you are probably ready to leave Verteron and go to Eltnen. But first, you should go to Sanctum. The campaign quest A Sliver of Darkness should have started automatically when you dinged, and you need to talk to Jucleas.

19 and 20 is the end of your childhood. From now on you will have quests available in multiple zones.

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After you talk to Jucleas, go to the Hall of Prosperity and talk to Taraerinerk. While you are there, take a minute to visit the Broker, drop stuff off at your Warehouse, and consider if this is a good time to expand your Cube.

Taraerinerk's quest, A Costume on Consignment, will lead you to the Angelic Frippery shop on Divine Road, so take the teleport statue to Library of the Sages, nip inside and up the stairs on your right to get Secret Library Access from Latri. Next, pop nextdoor to Angelic Frippery, and be sure to get D'yer Ma'ker from Jooma while you are there.

From here you will need to go to the Airship Dock to catch a ride to the Outer Dock (for step #2 of A Sliver of Darkness, at least) and talk to Liyterses and get the quest, Chasing a Criminal. You will need to go to Poeta and Verteron for the first two steps. Your choice to do that now or later, since you will end up in Theobomos. Best use of time and money would be to port down to Poeta from Sanctum, then use your Return to call to Verteron, fly to the Observatory and back to the Citadel. Also, go to Ardus Shrine while there and talk to Morai for A Sliver of Darkness. Then teleport to Theobomos to complete the quest, but that will put us a little ahead of schedule.

Either way, you are now ready to teleport to Eltnen


Note: There are a number of quests here that actually could have been obtained at 19 (if you had been here). See Category:Elyos 19.

Here is where you will collect the bulk of your new quests. Go ahead and Bind at the Obelisk inside, on the upper level, while you are here. Now go into every room and talk to every blue and yellow arrow you see. There are so many we will just list them here. Be sure to fly down to the ground level (or take the lift) and talk to the guards there, as well as the fisherman on the backside of the Fortress.


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