Bandage Heal (Aion Skill)  

Bandage Heal
Common Skill
Uses 1 Bandage to recover your HP by ___.

The effect of the skill will be different from these base values, depending on the character's level, equipped items, and other bonuses.

Casting Time:4 sec
Cooldown:16 sec

Bandage Heal, Herb Treatment and Mana Treatment share the same cooldown timer.

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LevelHP Recovered
1 178
2 187
3 196
4 205
5 214
6 223
7 241
8 250
9 259
† Only levels 1,7 and 9 were taken from in-game observation, which led us to conclude that healing rises by +9/level but this produces a gap in the numbering. So, the above values are not exact but they are close.

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