Bakarma Legion's Conspiracy (Aion Mission)  


Attack the Bakarma Legion in the center of Draupnir Cave to weaken the Balaur forces. Kill Commander Bakarma in the heart of the cave and acquire either Commander Bakarma's weapon, a Bakarma's accessory, or chest armor.

Mission: Kill Instructor Afrane (PW/AA), Saraswati (PW/AA), Lakshmi (PW/AA), Nimbarka (PW/AA), and Commander Bakarma (PW/AA)

Level: 44

Location: Beluslan,Heiron

Difficulty: 2 stars


When your Mission is complete, go to the Atreian Atlas and use the Claim button to claim your reward. Your items will be mailed to you, in-game, via Shugo Express or normal mail.

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