April 25, 2011 Patch 1.17a (FFXIV)  


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  • |dev1002||dev1003| New sidequests have been added.
  • |dev1055| Guild tasks have been added.
By examining the new task boards found within any Adventurers' Guild, players may view and undertake the tasks of Eorzea's guilds. Obtaining and delivering the requested items will yield both rewards and skill points (awarded to the active class at time of completion).

''* Players may complete a maximum of one task per guild per day (Earth time, resetting daily at 5:00 p.m. PDT / 0:00 GMT). ''


  • |dev1056| A 3-D effect now appears on the screen when a light party (4–7 members) or full party (8 members) is formed.


  • |dev1057| The size of the HP bar shown directly beneath display names has been adjusted.
  • |dev1035| The gamepad can now be used to cycle through target filters when in targeting mode A.

AllAuto-run button+Emote List/Stack Battle Commands button
FriendlyMain Menu button
PartyCancel button
EnemySelect/Confirm button

  • |dev1047| When initiating a guildleve or behest, the background music now cuts in, rather than fading in.

Fixed Bugs

The following bugs have been addressed:

  • A bug wherein party member markers on the world map and minimap would sometimes shift abruptly to the lower right portion of the map.

  • A bug wherein faction leve rewards could be obtained repeatedly without proper expenditure of faction credits.

  • Measures have been taken to correct a bug wherein recovery maintenance was being obstructed following market area difficulties on all worlds due to the feature that remembers retainer locations.

Known Bugs

  • A bug wherein players cannot embark on certain duties related to the sidequest "Seashells by the Seashore."
While on the sidequest, moving to a certain location should cause a "Duty calls" message to appear, and you are asked if you wish to proceed. In some cases, however, this prompt is not appearing. Should this occur, please move near the cliffs to the south, and then attempt returning to the previous location once more.

  • A bug wherein the light party 3-D effect appears when a full party is disbanded.

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