Topher McGraws Ghost (Aion Mob)  

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Topher McGraws Ghost
Topher McGraws Ghost
lvl 30-50   Sorcerer  
Master, Normal, GM Event, Ghost, Non-social, Aggressive
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Topher McGraws Ghost

To find this Mob in-game, use /where Topher McGraws Ghost

This mob is non-social, meaning that if you attack a mob near this mob, whether of the same race/type or not, it will not come to the aid of your target.

This mob only appears when being controlled by a GM.

Devs can get bored, too, and need to blow off some steam. Sometimes,they will possess a mob, like this one, and take him to a place he would not normally be seen. The pic taken above was in New Heiron Gate on a Monday evening. The ghost had every Elyos in the place on him, plus most of the guards, and it still took 10-15 minutes to drop him. Then, he would vanish and reappear a short distance away and start it all over again. I saw him use a frontal AE that did over 113,000 damage.

He dropped nothing, gave minimal AP and XP, and players killed took no Soul Healing damage as this is considered a PvP death. Just a little fun.

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