Things I Wish I Had Known... (Aion)  

This is a list of the things I learned while playing the Beta that would have made my life much easier had I known them sooner. -[Bludwyng (contribs)]

  1. Right-clicking on a target will make you move to and engage (or harvest) the target. This can be done while running.
  2. Your Chain level 1 skill icon will change to the Chain level 2 default skill icon when available. This means that you do not need to put it on your primary hot bar. Secondary Chain level 2 skills do need to be on your primary hot bar.
  3. Sitting (Default: comma) will heal you much faster out of combat than standing. This means that if you are low on mana or health, and out of bandages or potions (PW/AA), just sit for a minute to get to max health and mana. Also, just a few seconds will top you off rather than wasting a potion or bandage.
  4. The N key (default) will bring up a transparent zone map on your HUD. Makes navigation in large area much easier!
  5. You do auto-target if something attacks you while you have no target, but you do not auto-attack to defend yourself. This means that even if you are in a low-level area you can be killed while AFK!
  6. If you lose target during combat, due to the use of Hide (PW) or another skill, you will stop attacking. You must re-acquire target and restart your attacks!
  7. If you are hurt enough to need a heal, do it immediately following combat, even before looting. The life you save may be your own.
  8. If you are not a priest, or are not grouped with one, buy Bandages!!! They are cheap, at least at low levels, fast, and useful.
  9. Buy and use Power Shards!!! At 50 for 250 Kinah they are CHEAP. But, be aware that while activated every attack you make consumes a power shard!
  10. If I had known sooner that /loc works in this game, I would have loc coords for ALL the NPCs. As it is, I found out on Sunday of Beta weekend #2.

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