Sorcerer Macros (Aion)  


Note the short /say on the end of each macro. This gives a clear signal so you know the macro is done and you can start the next one without disturbing the last. As NCSoft has significantly increased the max length for macros you can feel free to add more colorful or amusing messages.

The /delay's in the following macros are what worked for me, but your timing may vary slightly. Only testing and editing can make it work for sure.


/Skill Ice Chain I
/delay 3.4
/Skill Frozen Shock I
/delay 1.3
/Skill Flame Harpoon I
/delay 3.3
/Skill Flame Bolt II
/delay 3.2
/Skill Blaze I
/delay 1.2
/say Pew pew!

Loot - This macro just combines a few housekeeping functions with Loot so that you don't forget to refresh your buffs and grab some mana!

/Skill Robe of Earth I
/delay 1.3
/Skill Absorb Energy I
/delay 1.3
/Skill Stone Skin I
/delay 1.3
/Skill Loot

R&L - Root and Leap

/Skill Root I
/delay 1.3
/Skill Blind Leap I
/s *Bamf!*

Sleep - Sleep your target and inform your group

/Brand 7
/Skill Sleep I
/group [target] is asleep! You spank it, you tank it!

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