Memo Pad (Aion)  

The Memo Pad is a place, in-game, to keep notes on the worl of Atreia. To access it, go to Menu->Community->Memo Pad. Your Memo Pad is shared by all your characters across all servers, irregardless of race, so use it to make notes as you explore so you can re-locate the information later when playing your alts!

The Memo Pad can also hold links, just like chat. If you see a link, in blue, in chat, you can right-click the link and select "Copy to Memo Pad", and then add a note to explain the link.

Wikihelp The template, Aion Memopad, can be used on wiki pages to create a copy-pasta link that can be used in-game! All you need are: text to name the link, the zone, and the X, Y and Z coordinates (which you can find using /loc in-game).

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