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This page will contain a list, by game, of design work defined/started by Bludwyng that needs to be finished. Links to categories and examples of how it SHOULD be done will be included, along with links to any templates that will help.

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Age of Conan

Tabula Rasa

A user started this wiki. I cleaned it up as much as I could and created some templates. I also sent him a pm but, to date, have had no response so I assume he has abandoned it.

Warhammer Online

Templates for Mob and Career are made, with namespaces. Also mod'd the templates to display a message if the page is in the wrong namespace. This wiki has no database at present, but we are organizing the wiki pages as if a db will be created in the future.

World of Warcraft


I have created WoW Profession to provide links from any page dealing with tradeskill professions to all relevant links for that profession. See Category:WoW Professions for links to the main pages.

The main Profession pages display the template, which shows links to Ingredients, Proficiencies, Quests, Recipes and Trainers. Quests and Recipes are auto-linked to DB pages, and Trainers is currently sublinked into WoW Tradeskill Training, a guide by Allakhazam. Ingredients and Professions are red-links! These pages need to be created! Also, the trainers guide is woefully out of date. Good info on trainers exists on WoWWiki and should be used to update our list. Also, the trainers guide should be moved to a single large or many individual pages, and the template modified to reflect this change.

ZAM Network
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