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Item Types
Quest Items cannot be sold or traded, nor stored in Account Warehouse or Legion Warehouse.

Between Closed Beta and Open Beta they changed the items types. What used to be just "Quest Item" is now, properly, "Quest-giving Item", "Quest Collection Item" or "Campaign Quest Collection Item". There may be more we have not, yet, encountered.

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Abex Hind Leg (Aion Item)
Altgard Crystal (Aion Item)
Ampreh Flower (Aion Item)
Ancient Stone Fragment (Aion Item)
Artifact Activation Stone (Aion Item)
Big Bucket (Aion Item)
Bundle of Orders (Aion Item)
Clothing Package (Aion Item)
Condor Breast Meat (Aion Item)
Contaminated Water Sample (Aion Item)
Dragon's Leg Bone (Aion Item)
Dragon's Rib (Aion Item)
Dragon's Skull (Aion Item)
Engine Part (Aion Item)
Expert Essencetapping Ring (Aion Item)
Finished Wooden Staff (Aion Item)
Frightcorn Seeds (Aion Item)
Frillneck Egg (Aion Item)
Gemyu's Package (Aion Item)
Gourd Bottle (Aion Item)
Grain Sack (Aion Item)
Grain Snuffler Tail (Aion Item)
Heavy Supply Box (Aion Item)
Ice Sword (Aion Item)
Jewel Ring (Aion Item)
Kelaino's Necklace (Aion Item)
Kerubian Bucket (Aion Item)
Kerubian Horn (Aion Item)
Kerubian Weapon (Aion Item)
Kerub Grain Sack (Aion Item)
Krall Mark (Aion Item)
Krall Ration (Aion Item)
Kures Feet (Aion Item)
Life Seed (Aion Item)
Lipinium Crystal (Aion Item)
Malonimus's Orders (Aion Item)
Malonimus' Order (Aion Item)
Mandrake (Aion Item)
Mapping the Revolutionaries (Aion Item)
Odium Refining Method (Aion Item)
Ornate Jewelry Box (Aion Item)
Plump Pincers (Aion Item)
Pumpkin (Aion Item)
Purple Membrane (Aion Item)
Red Quartz Greatsword (Aion Item)
Red Thorn Fruit (Aion Item)
Revolutionaries' Symbol (Aion Item)
Rolled Scroll (Aion Item)
Sacred Image of Kaisinel (Aion Item)
Silver Necklace (Aion Item)
Sinis' Hair (Aion Item)
Small Package (Aion Item)
Spirit Crystal (Aion Item)
Sprigg's Grains (Aion Item)
Supply Package (Aion Item)
Sylphen Tail (Aion Item)
Sylphen Wing (Aion Item)
The Bandits' Letter (Aion Item)
The Nymph in Folklore (Aion Item)
The Rest of the Letter (Aion Item)
Tog Rib (Aion Item)
Vascus's Tribute (Aion Item)