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Potions are consumable items that can restore health and/or power, remove harmful spell effects, or increase your flight time or one of your stats. The lowest grades of most can be purchased at merchants but the rest are only available from crafters or as mob drops.

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Antidepressant (Aion Item)
Elixir of Mana (Aion Item)
Essence of Wind (Aion Item)
Healing Potion (Aion Item)
Life Crystal (Aion Item)
Life Elixir (Aion Item)
Life Potion (Aion Item)
Life Serum (Aion Item)
Mana Potion (Aion Item)
Mana Serum (Aion Item)
Mind Crystal (Aion Item)
Morati's Secret Remedy (Aion Item)
Panacea of Life (Aion Item)
Panacea of Mana (Aion Item)
Recovery Crystal (Aion Item)
Recovery Potion (Aion Item)
Recovery Serum (Aion Item)
Secret Remedy of Mana (Aion Item)
Wind Serum (Aion Item)