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All of the quests displayed below start, or have updates, at Patamor Thicket in Morheim.

See also: Morheim quest series, All quests in Morheim

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A Sorrowful Message (Aion Quest)
Celestine's Antidote (Aion Quest)
Disease Carriers (Aion Quest)
Elim of Elysea (Aion Quest)
Greeting to an Alchemist (Aion Quest)
Keindor's Message (Aion Quest)
Kellan's Request (Aion Quest)
Message to a Spy (Aion Quest)
Petrifying Elim (Aion Quest)
Reaching Out (Aion Quest)
Recovering Research Material (Aion Quest)
Restarting the Research (Aion Quest)
Scouting the Lab (Aion Quest)
Strange Mushrooms (Aion Quest)
Sylphen Pollution (Aion Quest)
Thawing Kurngalfberg (Aion Quest)
The Absolutely Essential Book (Aion Quest)
The Good, the Bad and the Elim (Aion Quest)
Tryst of the Shadow (Aion Quest)