Altgard's Warrior (Aion Mission)  


The Lepharist Revolutionaries and Black Claw Mau are gaining power in various parts of Altgard, threatening the safety of the Asmodians. Protect your people from the threats, while keeping the Balaur in check. Go to the aid of Brigade General Suthran, and complete all the campaign quests in Altgard.


  1. Fungus Among Us (10)
  2. Encroachers (10)
  3. Altgard Duties (10)
  4. A Dangerous Crop (10)
  5. Scout it Out (10)
  6. Fear This (10)
  7. Take the Initiative (10)
  8. Trespassers at the Observatory (12)
  9. Know Your Enemy (12)
  10. Reconstructing Impetusium (13)
  11. Securing the Supply Route (13)
  12. Keeping the Black Claw Tribe in Check (14)
  13. Crushing the Conspiracy (12)

Level: 18

Location: Altgard

Difficulty: 2 stars


When your Mission is complete, go to the Atreian Atlas and use the Claim button to claim your reward. Your items will be mailed to you, in-game, via Shugo Express or normal mail.

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