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It is interesting that, in this age, the unprecedented amount of faceless communication has created these spaces in which individuals who are complete strangers meet, discuss, argue, and joke with one another. It creates a space in which, too often, people are flagrantly disrespected; and yet somewhat paradoxically also a space in which everyone's opinion, everyone's statement is as authoritative as everyone else's. The breakdown of the metaphysics of society, then, is twofold. But who do you think I am? Am I a boy or a girl; a man or a woman? Do I possess an education and, if so, a good one? How old am I, and what have I done with my life? These are not questions that I will answer for you, but ones that you will strive to figure out for yourself with regard to every forum-poster you encounter. Always ask these questions, if for no other reason than to remind yourself that you are speaking to other people, and that they deserve your respect.