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Ggrab.tumblr.com my video game blog a lil history of my MMO Aion: lvl30 cleric asome(9/09-12/09-hacked) EverQuest Online advanture; playstation 2 first mmorpg and first ever consule side mmo Ggrab lvl60 Gnome Warrior (2001-2002) my first MMORPG lol it took me a long yearr and mainly rerolls before i finally hit cap (FUNFACT)where the name Ggrab came from about i started as human warrior name "fastfreak" hit lvl20 before i reroll a troll shaman because i didnt know what to name it i choice a randam name and "Grab" came up after i hit lvl30 i meet some high lvl players and seen how badass high lvl warrior weree soo i recreated a "atl" me wanted to be diffrent and "cooler then the rest" i created a "Gnome" warrior (and that the birth of my oringal trademark in MMO , always playing the smallest race) since i meet alot of wonderful people on "Grab" i wanted my 2nd name to have "Grab" in it so my common thing to do is "Ggrabs" but it was WTF!!!?taken soo next was "Grabb" but i wasnt feeling it so i went with the extra G and Ggrab was born lol Final Fantasy XI Ggrab tarutaru 75SMN/BRD/DRK and bonecraft100+3 i played on kujata from (2002-2006) was my first game i really got into endgame; woww what an experince , meet soo many wonderful ppl and soo much drama.. meet alot of emenys , alot of good friends i still stay intouch with World of warcraft Ggrab lvl60 gnome mage; i enjoy playing the game. it was soo much easyer then FFXI but i wasnt a fan of the solo exping and in the end wasnt having much fun and stop @ lvl60 (TBC so 70 was the cap). THEN!! i discover a lil mmo secret calld "pravite servers"lol i played on wowgasm.org ever since. a hi-rate server playd from(2007-2009) Ggrab lvl80 gnome warrior (maintank) Ggrabra lvl80 gnome warlock Ggrabstyle lvl80 undead rogue what i really enjoy about hi-rate server was that i could enjoy the endgame without having to put the month of work into it as you can get to lvl80 in 1-2weeks Aion my first and LAST NCSOFT game... what a joke lol the game was diffrent from FFXI and WOW i love the graphic and tho PVPVE was a good idea for endgame also love how they rank the endgame legion (aka guild) but NCsoft lack of customer service what kill the game i had lvl33 warrior and lvl25 cleric asome , only lasted 4month before my account got hackd due to Aionsource.com getting there stuff hackd. lession learn dont used same username/password in fourms (now playing) Final Fantasy XIV =] almost 10years and im still Ggrab , still the smallest race but this time im ganna start as a DD and not a magic class and im ganna focus on crafting early on so i can have alots of gil later on