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FFXI: Edy has been my character since January 1st 2006. Redy, Stedy and Ggo are my mules. Server = Midgarsormer. Originally started as MNK job and got very bored waiting for invites. Then found BST and never looked back. Took SMN and then BLM and fionally BLU to 75. BLU was awesome and I managed to get all my spells and then got some pretty good gear. Eventually I retired Edy in anticipation of FFXIV. FFXI was getting a little too much for me so I needed a break. FFXIV: In March 2010 I got the invite via these forums to take part in originally what I thought was going to be the Beta but due to some delays I got in right at the start of the first Alpha client. I did my best to help the development of the game by testing Thaumaturge to its limits on each Beta thereafter. I am currently playing in Retail but don't seem to have enough time to get everything done. I have continued to work on my THM guide and am 100% THM through and through, just like I was in FFXI as a BST! Finally finished my guide (as far as I can), and since have got my mage classes to R50 along with taking Gladiator the same way and finally getting Goldsmith to R50. I am part of a fantastic group of Linkshell members on the Besaid server.

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