Final Fantasy XIV PlayStation 4 Beta Coming!

Final Fantasy XIV PlayStation 4 beta to go live alongside Japanese PS4 release.

As grumpy as I was not being able to create a character for a week, then being unable to play anyway... this isn't the first we've been burdened by launch hiccups, honestly, I don't think Square Enix have done a half bad job relatively speaking. Now that things are back on track they face the next hurdle, they have released details of PlayStation 4 Beta Testing, more on that follows. 

As quite a Square deal, players on the current PlayStation 3 version will be able to migrate to PlayStation 4 beta for free, characters and all! But don't be holding off buying the game until the PS4 version as the beta doesn't hit until February 22, 2014, giving them plenty of time to work out the kinks. 

If you are wondering why the beta is so late after the PlayStation 4 release date (November 15 in NA and 29th in EU), it could be because the Japanese release is coincidentally also on February 22.

More details will be released soon. 


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