Blog Post: Do You Believe in Magitek

Come get some Garlean Empire!

We finally get a glimpse of what was rumored: ridable Magitek armor!  Discuss in the Zam Forums!


March 14, 2013

Greetings, seekers of knowledge.

Fernehalwes here, and for this post I come to you with an actual scoop du jour!

While Project Manager M was diligently crafting away, I slipped over to the BG design section and snapped a few shots of what I’d bet my Meteor Survivor shirt to be...magitek armor!

But what kind of area would house this many─ OH... ;)

Now, while the map and armor are obviously still just mockups, word has it that Yoshi-P has already given the final OK on the designs, so now comes the polish.

But why wait for polish, when I can borrow the keys to the prototype and take a little test spin on the internal servers...

♪Rollin' in my 2.0, with my mag-top down so my hair can blow.♪

♪The Miqo'te on standby, waving just to s─ Hey! Bad squirrel! Bad squirrel!


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