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Lalafell Cosplay!

The first Lalafell Cosplay RSE looks really good, and will be tough to beat!  Fernehalwes shows how it was made.  Discuss in the Zam Forums!

That's Why We Play
March 01, 2013

Hello everybody.
6'2" Fernehalwes here.

Have you ever secretly dreamed of being a Lalafell? Sure you have. Who wouldn't want to possess a head 1/3 the size of their body, the ability to conceal themselves in empty ale kegs, and the power to melt hearts from a thousand paces?

Well, recently there were a few designers on the FINAL FANTASY XIV development team who decided to make that dream a reality by creating life-size replicas of the new Lalafell race-specific equipment! (For those of you who don't know, RSE is the gear each player starts off with in A Realm Reborn.)

And here's how they did it...

First, the designs had to be finalized. These were handled by our art team (when they weren't off gallivanting about Paris, Milan, or New York).

Next, confidential-looking documents and scraps of fabric were strewn all over a table and frantically pointed at so everyone seemed busy when the producer walked by.

Finally, several sleepless nights and thousands of dulled thimbles later, a prototype was complete!

The hardest part, though, was finding someone small enough to fit into the frippery...


Just look at the subtle stone-washed fading of those taper-cut jeans. Marvel at the way the charcoal t-shirt caresses the gut, accentuating the model's love handles. And the sassy white soles on those black canvas shoes? An exclamation point bringing the whole outfit togeth?

Oh, the OTHER guy. I knew that.

And while we're on the topic of cosplay, FINAL FANTASY XIV fans in Great Britain, Germany, and France should check out the official Realm Reborn Cosplay Competition for a chance to win some keychains or stickers(*) or something. And fear not, rest-of-the-world! We're planning exciting contests for all of you as well, so stay tuned!

Alrighty, then. That wraps up this installment of the Developers' Blog. For the next installment, I'll be bringing you revealing photos of Project Manager M's night on the town in the sexy Miqo'te RSExduwefhd8475fyfnh54ifyu54ndhf458gf7y45gfbgnefegfuerfgere...

Or maybe not...


(*) keychains or stickers = OMFG a trip to Square Enix headquarters in Japan!!!!!11!!

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