Blog Post: Best Day of the Week

Blog Post: Best Day of the Week

Like spotting a yeti in the wild, we finally get to see Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn running on a Playstation 3!  Also pizza!  Who doesn't love pizza?  Discuss in the Zam Forums!

Best Day of the Week
February 09, 2013

Hello everyone!

Fernehalwes taking a break from putting the final touches on the Beta Version localization to bring you a sneak peek at an atypical Saturday here at Square-Enix headquarters.

Yesterday, Yoshi-P asked several members from the development team to come in on the weekend to help create a video that would be shown on his coming worldwide trip. Here?s a shot of our multi-talented producer in the control seat displaying his 1337 skillz (he made me write that?okay, maybe he didn't make me write that). I know it?s kind of hard to tell what is being filmed, but if you take a closer gander at the left-hand side of the pic, you?ll find something that may be of interest?

And, to thank us for coming in on our day off, Yoshi-P dusted the cobwebs off the old wallet, and sprung for...wait for! Which, knowing how much Japanese pizza costs, probably ran him about a half-month?s salary (okay, okay, that was another slight exaggeration?it was probably closer to three-weeks? salary).

Potato, corn, tuna, and mayonnaise. Mmm? My favorite! And by ?favorite,? I mean ?pass the pepperoni.?

Oh, and here?s a shot of the lovable Komoto-san finishing off his sixth pie. All that devving can really work up an appetite!

Talk to you all again soon...from the other side of the world!

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