Blog Post: The Sound of Music

Blog Post: The Sound of Music

Fernehalwes' stealthy attempt at getting us more information about the musical changes of A Real Reborn backfires (in a good way) when he's caught by Masayoshi Soken and forced to translate some exciting news for those who have a weak spot for smooth sounds!  Discuss in the Zam forums!

"The Sound of Music
January 28, 2013

Hello all!
Fernehalwes back again for another installment of the Developers' Blog.

Recently, I?ve seen several people on the Lodestone forums express how cool it would be if, instead of pics, I could sneak a few music clips up on the blog as well. So, I donned my ninja garb, popped open a bottle of prism powder, and slipped into the shadows of the sound department?destination: FINAL FANTASY XIV sound director Masayoshi Soken's studio.

But alas, I should have known! Soken detects his prey by sound, not sight! I never stood a chance...and now I am his prisoner, forced to translate this message...


Greetings earthlings! I now control the horizontal and the vertical. The Developers? Blog is mine, and by mine, I mean the personal property of one Masayoshi Soken?Japan?s number one fan of knee-socks?a.k.a. Knee-Soken!

For those of you following my twitter feed (that would be all of you, I presume), you may recall a few days back I HYPOTHETICALLY asked that if I were to HYPOTHETICALLY leak a few of the HYPOTHETICAL tracks I was HYPOTHETICALLY working on for XIV, which ones would you HYPOTHETICALLY want to hear?

Well, despite a few nay-sayers who claimed I didn't have de Balzac to follow through with my intentions, most of you were psyched about getting the chance to listen to some previously unreleased tracks. And so, I devised this ?omplex plan to lure project manager M into my sound lair and bend her to my will. But wouldn't you know it, Fernehalwes happened to drop by, so I guess this?ll have to do.

Now that the blog is mine and I can do whatever I want, how about I start by leaking one of the tracks for Limsa Lominsa? Oh, and while I'm at it, how about these two tracks for La Noscea? Sure, they won't be officially released in-game until the 3rd phase of the Beta Test, but who's going to stop me? Mwahahahahaha!

The soft breeze off the ocean, the endless blue sky. Ah, what I wouldn't give to escape from this stuffy office and steal away to a place like Limsa Lominsa, where I could fill my lungs with the salty air and listen to the gulls while sipping on a glass fine wine. If I close my eyes, I can almost feel the cool sea spray tickle my skin.

That reminds me!
The FINAL FANTASY Vocal Collection goes on sale tomorrow in Japan...and it will contain the full, uncut version of ?Answers? sung by the lovely Susan Calloway! That's right, the version you heard in the End of an Era trailer was only half the masterpiece! But now, for the first time ever, the song will be available to the public (outside of limited-edition sets sold at private shows, etc.), and that means for the first time ever, the lyrics will be unveiled!!1!

(Um, Mr. Knee-Soken, Ferne here. I, uh, posted the lyrics on the Lodestone forums a few months back, so actually, this is technically the second time ever they will have been released to the public!)

Silence! This is my blog, and I'll have none of your insolence! I was merely saying that it was the first time the lyrics would be released in PRINTED form!

Now, where was I?
Ah yes, the CD! You can find out more about it here. But be careful before opening the site at work, unless you don't think your boss'd mind the silky smooth sounds.

And uh... I guess that's all? Very well. You can have your blog back...for now. But one day I'll return. You won't know when, and you won't know where (though it'll more than likely be here), but mark my words, you haven't heard the last of Knee-Soken! Mwahahahaha!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


I love it when a plan comes together. ;)
(cue fanfare)


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