FFXIV: Letter from the Producer, XLI

The latest Letter from the Producer is stocked with plenty of screenshots


In this letter from the producer Yoshi-P gives us a first look at the character creations screens for several races including Male Miqo'te and Female Roegadyn!  Discuss in the Zam Forums!

"Letter from the Producer, XLI (01/23/2013)

    Hello again to all of you eagerly awaiting FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn. Yoshi-P here, ringing in the new year with the forty-first Letter from the Producer.

    We've been back in the office for almost three weeks now, and our calendars are already marked full of meetings and deadlines. It won't be long before beta testing begins, and soon after that, the release of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn! Looking at the beta test road map we released last month, the road from beta to release would appear to be a long one, but the testing will be over before you know it. There's not a moment to spare in preparation for release, and the development team will stay at full throttle to make sure we get there.

    First things first, let's talk a bit about the beta test. Phase one will begin in February, and we were thrilled to see so many players from around the world signing up to participate. I know the beta test is just around the corner, but I'd like to show you guys a few screen shots to tide you over until then.

    Here's the title screen, new and improved with a "beta version" tag. The BGM has been changed as well...another little tidbit to look forward to.

    Starting from phase 1, all races will be available for testing, so it's time for roll call! First up is the Hyur Midlander female.

    The Hyur Highlander female is also front and center, looking strong and sexy.

    Next up is the Elezen male smartly sporting race-specific gear.

    The Lalafell looking adorable as always, but don't count them out in PvP.

    The Miqo'te male makes his long-awaited debut, fueling fan desires for a new project: Miqo'te Online.

    Last but certainly not least is the Roegadyn female, with strength matched only by her beauty.

    With all these screen shots, it'd be a shame not to include one of the benchmark. We're still putting the finishing touches on it, so pay no mind to the score.

    Although all races will be available from phase one of the beta test, not all customization options will be available. We're putting a lot of work into various options such as hair styles and colors (a whopping 192 shades are being planned!) based on feedback from the alpha test, and everything should be ready by phase three.

    We wasted no time getting back to work after the New Year's holiday, but you know how we like to start off the New Year...with good old hatsumo-de! We broke away from the development floor just long enough to round up the team for our annual trip to Senso-ji in Asakusa. With the launch of A Realm Reborn to take place this year, the trip was all the more meaningful.

    Here's to a game that fans around the world can enjoy! (Yes, I really did drop that big bill in there. )

    This next part is a little tricky, so a bit of explanation is in order for those who've never visited one of these temples. When drawing an omikuji (strips of paper with fortunes written on them) at Asakusa's Senso-ji, there are seven possible fortunes: great blessing, blessing, half-blessing, small blessing, future small blessing, future blessing, and curse. To the dismay of visitors to Senso-ji, the chance of drawing "curse" is a whopping 30%?three out of every ten people! Those unfortunate enough to draw "curse" better bear down hard all year long, or suffer the consequences.

                                              Now then, which fortune do you think I drew?

    Great blessing, of course. Would you expect anything less from?

    What? It looks like I'm holding up more than one, you say? Okay, you got me, I didn't draw the great blessing. It belongs to project manager "M," who's in charge of the Developers' Blog. But no need to worry?I still managed to draw a small blessing.

    The fortune itself was very encouraging. So much so, that I'd like to share it with you guys.

        Much like treasure seen across the vale, the things you desire, no matter how close they seem, are not easily obtained.
        Do not let your heart falter. Patience is the key to reaching your goals.
        Stay focused and consistent in your work. When the time is right, the things you desire will be at hand.
        Remember that you are not alone in your endeavors. Like the phoenix taking flight, you will rise up and find success.

    In short, if we keep working tirelessly as we have done so far, without getting hung up on profits or discouraged by the workload, A Realm Reborn is bound to succeed. With the ongoing support of our fans, FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn will rise up from the ashes like a phoenix and soar towards success! At least, that's my take on it. You guys know me?I'll continue working like a man possessed. (lol)

    Poor Komoto drew another "curse" this year. I know the chance of drawing it is three out of every ten people, but one can only be so unlucky. I'm sure next year will be better... maybe.

    As we returned to working around the clock preparing for beta, two very special guests paid us a visit: Jeff Skalski from EA Mythic, who's been a great friend since I joined the FFXIV team, and Mesanna, the current producer of Ultima Online, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.

    Jeff got into the gaming industry as a level designer for Dark Age of Camelot, which I am a huge fan of and played to bits and pieces. He then moved on to Warhammer Online, and is now executive producer for the Ultima Online franchise. He's a big fan of the FF series, and during our visit to Germany, he wasn't ashamed to tell me how FFVI made him cry (lol). He played quite a bit of FFXI as well, and naturally he's attained legacy status for FFXIV. (Jeff was selected for phase three of alpha testing, and was so excited he filled my inbox with screenshots.)

    Since they were kind enough as to drop by on their trip to Japan, I showed them around the office and gave them a peek behind the scenes, from the development process to the managerial side of things. There was also time to talk shop and compare notes, and over dinner we discussed the future of the MMO market.

    FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn is taking on an unprecedented challenge in the MMO market, and we have not only the support of fans, but also that of our peers in the industry. Taking heart from all this positive energy, we will see the game through to a successful launch and beyond!

    See you next time, on the forums, or in the Beta Test!"

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Cute hair!
# Jan 23 2013 at 7:07 PM Rating: Decent
I really love that long hair style the Highlander lady is sporting. I hope it's available (or similar) for other races.
# Jan 23 2013 at 9:06 AM Rating: Good
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I love these "letter from the producer" segments!

This was written very well and the pictures help make it enjoyable. Looking forward to beta and hoping ol' fuji gets in!
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